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Synonyms for retard

Synonyms for retard

to cause to be later or slower than expected or desired

Synonyms for retard

a person of subnormal intelligence

cause to move more slowly or operate at a slower rate

be delayed

Related Words

slow the growth or development of

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Another commercially available retarder for sulfur vulcanization is based on an aromatic sulfonamide.
Removing the boards, staple a plastic vapor retarder over the existing paper-covered insulation and applying new drywall, or
ASHRAE's new Design Essentials for Refrigerated Storage Facilities, authored by Becker, will benefit designers, owners and operators of storage facilities for perishable food items by providing guidance on design details such as support structures, doors, docks, underfloor heating, insulation and vapor retarders, as well as facility configuration and layout, refrigeration system design and facility management.
MemBrain[TM] is used in place of traditional polyethylene vapor retarders with unfaced fiber glass insulation to provide an insulation system that's ideal for areas with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity.
Use of vapor retarders to limit water vapor transmission into building cavities.
A wide spectrum of other products, such as etch and plating resists, legend ink, carbon-conductive ink, thinners, retarders, plugging paste and heatsink paste, will be distributed by Atotech within the terms of the agreement.
A530, includes information on proper use of flashings, caulking, vapor retarders, and water barriers.
The influence of the retarders and inhibitors on the rheological changes of the resin during curing was also studied using a Rheometrics Dynamic Analyzer (RDA).
Valeo also notified on 30 June its takeover bid of automotive switch maker, Labinal, also known for its sensors and wiring systems (Sylea), filters (Filtrauto) and retarders (Telma retarder).
In residential, hotel, and laboratory facilities, whose interior vapor and humidity levels tend to be high, vapor retarders are essential in order to keep moisture from entering the exterior wall assembly.
These retarders (or barriers) usually consist of 6-mil polyethylene sheets, which are installed during construction or remodeling, between the finished wall and insulated wall cavity, or between the finished ceiling and attic insulation, and generally on the "winter warm" side of insulation installed anywhere in the building shell, (Figure 2).
In China, the main passenger car used retarders are eddy current retarders and hydrodynamic retarders.
Visitors can learn more about innovative solutions including real-time support for drivers, optimized maintenance management for operators as well as remanufacturing of transmissions and retarders.
Are there any commercially available Class II vapor retarders that work like the kraft facing on a fiberglass batt?