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Synonyms for retard

Synonyms for retard

to cause to be later or slower than expected or desired

Synonyms for retard

a person of subnormal intelligence

cause to move more slowly or operate at a slower rate

be delayed

Related Words

slow the growth or development of

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inhibitors, retarders, or co-promoters) are also needed in unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins to prevent premature gel, as well as to adjust the resin pot life, gel time, and cycle time [2].
Continuous vapor retarders, such as those made of aluminum, also risk puncture during installation.
Compared with European and American countries, China's vehicle retarders are mainly used in medium and large-size passenger cars; while the heavy-duty truck retarder market is almost blank.
In 2013, the sales revenue of vehicle retarders in China was about CNY 2.
Topics include attic ventilation, vapor retarders, deck spacing, proper storage of panels, and installation of roofing felt (Form K310K).
Construction chemicals are widely used for waterproofing repairs, crack and expansion joint fillers, bonding agents, tile adhesives, plasticizers, retarders, air entraining compound accelerators and others.
PARIS, March 19, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Valeo today announced a project to sell its Telma speed controller activity, which manufactures electromagnetic retarders, to the current management team.
dividers, moulders, provers and retarders, complete bread plants, ovens and slicing and packaging machines Eurobake offer a comprehensive single source supply.
Rubber chemicals featured include accelerators and activators (aldehydeamines, dithiocarbamates, guanidines, sulfenamides, thiazoles, thioureas, thiurams and others), antioxidants, antiozonants and protective agents, peptizers, retarders, coagents, peroxides and carbon blacks.
In this booklet, readers will find information on installation guidelines for cypress, and instructions for selecting primer and paint, using vapor retarders to prevent excess moisture, and choosing nail lengths for siding over sheathing.
The report provides detailed coverage of antidegradants (6PPD/IPPD, TMQ and other antioxidants), accelerators, and other chemicals (which include adhesion promoters, retarders, anti-scorch agents, tackifiers, homogenizing agents, stabilizers and peptizers).
The spotlight must be on an expansive ceiling rail system along and across the entire room moved and can be locked with electromagnetically releasable retarders.
com/research-and-investment-prospect-of-china-vehicle-retarder-industry-2014-2018 says vehicle retarders have become the standard configurations in some developed countries, while the installation rate of vehicle retarders in China is very low compared with developed countries.
7) have been used as scorch retarders to increase scorch time, which is the length of time before any significant crosslinking begins.
Compac specializes in and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of flame retardant, reinforced insulation vapor retarders (facings) and insulation tape products.