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Synonyms for retardent

any agent that retards or delays or hinders

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The costume gives me a head start but because of the pyrotechnics it needed to be sprayed with flame retardent.
I've a notion the planking is impregnated with a fire retardent in which case the material wouldn't incinerate.
Workwear also has to be fit for purpose--for example, if the wearer is working near fire it must be flame retardent.
Joe Hayes, president of American Kynol, will present a paper on comparative char strength of flame retardent nonwovens at the symposium being held in conjunction with Techtextil.
Three years ago, the Consumer Product Commission deemed that children's sleepwear had to change--either it had to be flame retardent or it had to be form-fitting.
Fire retardent walls are, with respect to the previous disaster, a vital feature of the new building, which incorporates a 2,000 pallet cold store.
The material is available in flame retardent versions, which meet the NFPA 1975 standard on station/ work uniforms for firefighters.
to sell its patented flame retardent plastics technology for $1,100,000.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Pvc Fire Retardent Rexine Black Navy Ft First Grade Material