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Synonyms for retarded

having only a limited ability to learn and understand

Synonyms for retarded

people collectively who are mentally retarded

relatively slow in mental or emotional or physical development

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The first questionnaire was designed as an unstructured case with the born of ideas and approaches aiming at the determination and making priority of the mental retarded people's crimes and their causes for committing the related crimes.
In their petition to the Supreme Court, Wilson's lawyers argue that the Texas criteria "lack any scientific foundation" and unfairly exclude people who would otherwise legitimately be considered clinically mentally retarded.
Into the Groove' is another song I feel retarded singing, but everybody seems to like it," she added.
Being called retarded is an insult to the one with the disability.
1 -- 2) Bell ringers in the Activities for Retarded Children's Hand Bell Choir perform Christmas songs at Rancho San Antonio boys home Thursday.
2d 335 (2002), effectively eliminating the death penalty for mentally retarded defendants.
Lawyers for Yokamon Hearn (25), contend he may be mentally retarded and want time to pursue the claim.
People convicted of murder now avoid the death penalty if they're deemed mentally retarded, but they stand a far better chance of scoring below 70 on a recently revised IQ test than on an older test.
However, Judge Rothenberg claimed to have heard ZM mutter, "My baby no more," which he took as a definitive statement of the retarded woman's intent to have an abortion.
In order to fully understand the needs and characteristics of this population, the Utah Department of Corrections conducted a national survey of program characteristics for lower-functioning and mentally retarded offenders.
He is now a consultant in flame retardants and flame retarded plastics.
Unlike the typical American sitcom, "Shower" presents a real and insoluble problem: What do you do with your mentally retarded adult brother when your father dies?
At two years of age, cocaine-exposed children were significantly more likely than unexposed children to be classified as mentally retarded or as having a mild cognitive delay.
I believe that in order to optimize ignition, the timing has to be retarded on almost every engine.
Human Rights Watch, an independent monitoring group, estimated that there are about 120 prisoners on death row who have an IQ lower than 70, the standard for classification as retarded.