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The Global Low Smoke Halogen Free Flame Retardant Polypropylene (PP) Market research report provided by QY Research Groups is the most detailed study about Low Smoke Halogen Free Flame Retardant Polypropylene (PP) that is estimated to grow at a tremendous rate over the forecast period 2012-2025.
Jerry Bertram, vice president and general manager of Huber's fire retardant additives business unit, commented, "This acquisition gives Huber the opportunity to work in a new category with nitrogen and phosphorus flame retardants, and we believe the synergistic benefits and value between Satire and many of our current products will be advantageous for customers.
Demand in the construction sector is high, with the majority of flame retardants being used in pipes and cables made from plastic in residential buildings.
Patent 8,598,298 (December 3, 2013), "Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Elastomer Composition with Resistance to Scratch-Whitening," Given Jing Chen, Fangming Tony Gu, Yurong Cao, David H.
manufacturers adhere to California's flammability standard - termed "Technical Bulletin 117" (TB117) - and use flame retardants in residential furniture.
Research on fire retardants for wood-plastic composites has been attracting more attention in recent years; however, most results are preliminary because of the difficulty in identifying or formulating a fire-retardant system that is effective for both wood and plastics.
Fyrol halogenated phosphate ester flame retardants for flexible and rigid urethanes.
According to an updated technical market research report, "Flame retardant chemicals--RC-004B," from BCC Research, the consumption of flame retardant chemicals worldwide was 2.
The author is the manager of the American Chemistry Council's (ACC) Brominated Flame Retardants Industry Panel (BFRIP).
manufacturer of both flame retardants has taken things into its own hands.
Some years ago the Monitor reported that Congress mandated a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) study on the possible toxicity of flame retardant chemicals that might be used to treat upholstered furniture fabrics.
US demand for flame retardants is expected to grow over 4 percent per year to 1.
com/research/6f446d/survey_of_flame_re) has announced the addition of the "Survey of Flame Retardants Industry in China, Second Edition" report to their offering.
Speciality chemicals company, Clariant, says a European Union-commissioned study of flame retardants for smartphones, laptops and other electrical and electronics applications has acknowledged the environmental and health benefits of its Exolit non-halogenated flame retardants.