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any agent that retards or delays or hinders

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In recent years, intumescent flame retardants (IFRs) have been extensively investigated, and exhibit excellent flame retardancy and good char-forming ability [15-19].
Kwon and Kim developed a PC/PMMA blend with improved flame retardancy and scratch resistance, as well as high transparency and high colorability.
As WPCs are usually more flammable and release much more heat than wood, fire retardancy research for WPCs has attracted more attention in recent years (Li et al.
The cables provide a high level of fire retardancy and fire resistance, together with low-smoke and low-toxicity characteristics enabled by the use of zero-halogen materials.
of Dayton Research Institute) present an updated and expanded edition of their text on the applied materials science of fire retardancy in polymers.
IN FLAME RETARDANCY OF POLYMERIC MATERIALS BCC Research, Holiday Inn, Stamford, CT (866-285-7215, x606)
This wool already has many desirable properties, so it's a natural choice for developing a fabric with improved flame retardancy.
Three phosphorous functional groups were introduced in one structural unit of polymer backbone to enhance the flame retardancy of PU coatings.
Polychloroprene synthetic rubber is being used in automotive parts and general industrial parts that require flame retardancy and resistance to oils and weathering.
The researchers plan to test these products for flame retardancy.
Even though the fire retardancy at this point would not be a requirement for us, I personally think it's going to happen [nationally] eventually.
Apparently, the same sort of fire retardancy that is provided by the tiny inclusions can be attained with conventional fillers but at a level where the filler accounts for as much as 40 to 50% of the mix--which generally means a heavier component than might be desirable.
Taylor's innovative line of sleepwear, which is Consumer Product Commission approved for flame retardancy, is available at specialty boutiques.
For example, it has a good flame retardancy -- UL-94 VO rated at 0.
Even artificial plants can be treated for fire retardancy.