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any agent that retards or delays or hinders

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They are noted for their flexibility, good heat resistance, and can be easily compounded with additives for flame retardancy or other more demanding performance requirements.
LeVan and DeGroot (1992) used a one-step process for imparting both decay resistance and fire retardancy to wood and cellulosic materials by impregnating the products with a treatment solution composed of a water-soluble mixture of tertiary and quaternary ammonium preservative compounds and an organic phosphate fire retardant compound.
The acquisition adds a broad range of additive solutions with different functionalities, such as antifogging, improved processing, flame retardancy, heat stabilization and UV stabilization to BYK's portfolio.
It's said to offer the possibility of further miniaturization and enhanced aesthetics to the consumer electronics market in Asia--combining the characteristics of halogen-free flame retardancy with high flow and low migration, while reducing corrosion in the injection molding process.
One of the most effective methods for improving the flame retardancy is to incorporate intumescent flame retardants (IFRs) into the PP matrix, which has been reported [7-10].
Headquartered in Independence, Ohio, Valerus is a provider of specialty chemicals that impart attributes to polymers, including resiliency, flame retardancy and ease of processing.
This overview discusses the rationale for flame retardancy in textiles, especially in applications such as children's nightwear and commercial passenger vehicles, and how--unlike other desirable fabric properties like water repellency--flame retardant properties are generally governed by legislation or regulation.
Irogran A 95 P 5003 TPU is a halogen-free TPU with excellent flame retardancy for industrial and consumer wire and cable applications.
Masterbatch manufacturer, Gabriel-Chemie, has announced that tests completed at the beginning of 2013 revealed its Maxithen PPSEAT range achieved the best possible rating for flame retardancy in accordance with the Italian standard UNI 9177:1987, meaning it can now be used for stadium seating in Italy.
When the makers of SmartPlug, a shore power system for the marine industni, wanted to expand their product line to include a 50 A version of the 30 A SmartPlug power system, they needed to find a new thermoplastic material solution that would provide the necessary flame retardancy and impact resistance required for a larger, heavier design.
5 mil (25 and 36 micron) printable facefilms meet the demanding UL 94VTM-0 flame retardancy rating, helping prevent the propagation of fire.
retardancy, breathability, textile-like characteristics and sustainable material design in one product, is increasing," says Andre Lang, managing director of Norafin.
In some embodiments, the invention relates to a composite resin molded article having excellent flame retardancy, electric insulation properties, and crack resistance, and produces only negligible amounts of toxic substances during incineration, if any at all.
New finishing effects achievable on the Montex stenter include water repellency, flame retardancy new safety cloths and insect repellent.
The product addresses structural and packaging applications where flame retardancy is an important attribute.