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an object in a passive construction

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Using as an example, foreign object retained after surgery, a diagnosis code flagging the retained object should be reported and subsequently deleted from the funding algorithm, as is the case under the current policy.
Five kinds of adverse events account for 60 percent of the reports: retained objects (19 percent), which refers to objects, such as sponges, unintentionally left in a patient after surgery; wrong site procedures (10 percent), which covers incisions or anesthesia in the wrong location; medication errors (10 percent); falls (9.
The SmartSponge System is the first and only system to incorporate the efficiency of counting with the safety of detection for the purpose of preventing a retained object during surgery.
Printing stationery or business forms ticket adhesive, resistant material for retained objects.
Providing the very highest level of safety in our patients' care is critical, and implementing the radio frequency detection technology to eliminate the incidence of retained objects is a key step to preventing errors in our surgical suites," said Maggie Gill, president and CEO of Memorial Health.
Phase I of Medline's new empOweR educational series focuses on the most critical and fundamental safety issues facing Oils today, from preventing wrong-site surgery, retained objects and sharps injuries to maintaining nomothermia and preventing pressure ulcers.