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Synonyms for retain








Synonyms for retain

to keep at one's disposal

to have and maintain in one's possession

to persevere in some condition, action, or belief


to renew an image or thought in the mind

to obtain the use or services of

Synonyms for retain

hold back within

allow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature

secure and keep for possible future use or application

keep in one's mind

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5 inches are employed, unless you want to use a "coiled" gas tube, the direct gas impingement system is not quite as reliable as short-stroke piston operation because there less retainable pressure after the projectile has passed by the gas port and out the muzzle.
The removal of large volumes of material, much of which may not ultimately be retainable, may have serious implications for the owners, particularly when they are involved in business or activities such as journalism or the provision of medical services.
The intricacies of war, race and mid-19th Century politics, that culminated in a historic meeting of the two men at the White House, are laid out in the pages of "Abraham Lincoln & Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind an American Friendship" in a way that's accessible and retainable for young readers.
Another serious disadvantage of horizontal microsections is loss of a retainable record, as each section is destroyed as one proceeds into layers deeper and deeper in a PCB.
This deficit in the input provides a necessary bottleneck between the large number of symbols accrued by each generation of speakers and the number of individual symbols retainable by the new generation (Brighton & Kirby, 'The Survival of the Smallest: Stability Conditions for the Cultural Evolution of Compositional Language', in Kelemen & Sosik, eds.
By exposing students who typically specialize in one discipline and have limited or no understanding of business operations and practical experience in industry-standard ERP software, this game is expected to impart necessary business process orientation and retainable SAP skills to business students in a dynamic and stimulating learning environment.
US 7,638,475 B2; Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP, Atlanta, GA, has patented a cleaning system for toilets that has a foaming cleanser sealed within a water soluble pouch that is retainable within a bath tissue roll.
Over time, says Lind, "what starts increasingly to occur is the repeat-borrower becomes retainable mostly by the largest lenders, who are [also] their servicers.
Kuol Manyang pledged 1,500 SDG retainable by state ministry from this month salary.
For example, more risk may be incurred over the short term as a company reduces the number of suppliers it considers selectable and retainable because of sustainability objectives.
Retainable pension funds in the currency of your new country, removing exchange rate risks
Another significant barrier is making ORM easily understandable and retainable.
Scratch cards with serving trivia or back-of-the-house posters with color photos provide information in easily retainable chunks.
It is probably indicative of the domestic standard that the retainable memories from the entire campaign will involve European club competition and Scotland's victory over France.