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Synonyms for retain








Synonyms for retain

to keep at one's disposal

to have and maintain in one's possession

to persevere in some condition, action, or belief


to renew an image or thought in the mind

to obtain the use or services of

Synonyms for retain

hold back within

allow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature

secure and keep for possible future use or application

keep in one's mind

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I will speak of Louis[*] (and not of Charles[+]) as the one whose conduct is the better to be observed, he having held possession of Italy for the longest period; and you will see that he has done the opposite to those things which ought to be done to retain a state composed of divers elements.
Louis XII divorced his wife, Jeanne, daughter of Louis XI, and married in 1499 Anne of Brittany, widow of Charles VIII, in order to retain the Duchy of Brittany for the crown.
Thus King Louis lost Lombardy by not having followed any of the conditions observed by those who have taken possession of countries and wished to retain them.
And probably the half-unconscious rhapsody was a Fetichistic utterance in a Monotheistic setting; women whose chief companions are the forms and forces of outdoor Nature retain in their souls far more of the Pagan fantasy of their remote forefathers than of the systematized religion taught their race at later date.
Again, I can show that the carcasses of birds, when floating on the sea, sometimes escape being immediately devoured; and seeds of many kinds in the crops of floating birds long retain their vitality: peas and vetches, for instance, are killed by even a few days' immersion in sea-water; but some taken out of the crop of a pigeon, which had floated on artificial salt-water for 30 days, to my surprise nearly all germinated.
The only available insurance required the company to retain a larger portion of the risk through a large deductible.
103 that auditors should retain audit documentation for a specific period--at least five years after the report release date.
In that situation, it is not clear that a court would have found an implied right to retain the income or property to apply Sec.
STEP 2: Test out ways a sponge can retain the most water.
Within the 69 provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley, and its hundreds of subparagraphs, there is a new requirement to store or retain documents: ".
Steve May, an Army reserve lieutenant who was threatened with discharge in 1999 after he disclosed his sexual orientation during his work as an Arizona state representative, argued in court that the military could legally retain him for the good of the service.
To reduce this defect, filters retain the slag, which keeps it from becoming part of the casting, and smooth the flow of the metal, reducing the turbulence and creating a smoother casting.
Without timely guidance on new technologies, taxpayers will remain uncertain about their record-retention obligations and, hence, may retain multiple information systems and redundant records thereby substantially increasing their record-keeping costs and diminishing the efficiencies and economies otherwise enabled by the new technology.
Archive Marking - Retain can now mark each mailbox item as archived directly within the GroupWise client.