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a renewed suspension of insoluble particles after they have been precipitated

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The Effect of Sea Breeze on Beach Morphology, Surf Zone Hydrodynamics and Sediment Resuspension, Marine Geology, 146(1-4): 115-35.
Research fields: sulphur cycle and metal pollutants in the estuarine and riverine sediments during early diagenetic processes; biogeochemical transformations at the water-sediment interface and the effect of sediment resuspension on metal and Phosphorus mobility.
On the contrary, calcium-bound P (HCl-P) and inorg-P were the most stable sediment P-fractions in Lake Peipsi in the spatial and temporal scales and probably are more resistant to resuspension.
Hydraulic disturbances, such as flow changes or pressure fluctuations, could lead to the resuspension of accumulated sediment (Vreeburg 2010), possibly resulting in elevated PAH levels in drinking water (Maier 1998; Maier et al.
Pulverized materials from the collapse of buildings, products of combustion during and for several months after 9/11 and continual resuspension of particulate matter during rescue, recovery and cleanup operations exposed hundreds of thousands of individuals to environmental contaminants well after 9/11," the study's authors said.
Thus, resuspension can considerably increase the concentration of potential pathogens within an operating room.
It is well known that the roadside soil contains a lot of accumulated metals, sources of which are: fuel (Pb); lubricants (Zn, Cd, Ba, Co, Mo); tyres (Ca, Zn); catalysts (Pt, Pd, Cr, Ni); protection equipment (Zn, Ca, Cr, Mn); brakes (Zn, Ca, Cu, Cr, Mn); road construction materials (Fe, Al, Mn, As); and resuspension of road dust (Pb, Fe, Al, Mn, Zn, Cu, Ni, Mo, As) (Abu-Allaban et al.
The supernatant was removed and the visible pellet allowed to air dry, followed by resuspension in 50 [micro]l water.
5 [micro]m to 10 [micro]m in diameter) include resuspension of soil from roads and streets; disturbance of soil and dust by agricultural, mining, and construction operations; and ocean spray.
The resulting organic layer was removed and dried under a stream of nitrogen, followed by resuspension in 1 mL chloroform/methanol (2:1 v/ v) containing 25 mg/L butylated hydroxytoluene.
The impact of particle resuspension on indoor environmental quality has been investigated in recent years.