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a renewed suspension of insoluble particles after they have been precipitated

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Thrombocyte concentrate obtained by automatic apheresis with supplemental solution, filtered, erythrocyte suspension with removed leukotrombolome with resuspension solution, erythrocyte suspension, thawed and washed, erythrocyte suspension with resuspension solution, filtered, thrombocyte concentrate from a blood dose
Sediment resuspension and nepheloid layers induced by long internal solitary waves shoaling orthogonally on uniform slopes.
Our water samples were collected within a few minutes of the flush, so resuspension would have to be occurring rapidly.
The road surface silt loading is a key parameter for the estimation of particles resuspension emissions in a paved road which was (0.
This difference was attributed to higher nutrient resuspension rates (Alvarez-Cardena, Ordonez-Lopez, Valdes-Lozano, Almaral-Mendivil, & Uicab-Sabido, 2007).
The cell resuspension was added to cold sulfosalicylic acid (SSA) (3% final concentration), and vortex-mixed for 30 s.
2004) verificaron valores superiores de conductividad durante la epoca mas calurosa y lluviosa, relacionando dichos valores con la resuspension de material desde el fondo de los estanques, y el aumento de la tasa de descomposicion de materia organica, liberando mayor cantidad de iones a la columna de agua.
coli resuspension that uses sediment transport theory to calculate the release of E.
Quantifying road dust resuspension in urban environment by Multilinear Engine: a comparison with PMF2.
This study indicated little effect of commercial geoduck harvesting practices beyond short-lived resuspension of sediment on the two harvested plots.
Igualmente, estudios previos han demostrado que, el incremento en la cantidad de OD y de nutrientes del fondo, producto de la resuspension, facilita el crecimiento bacteriano [6,7].
With separate treatment areas for low and high flows, Hydroguard helps minimize scour and resuspension of previously captured fine debris.
This is a probable reason why ship-induced depression waves often play an unexpectedly large role in sediment resuspension (Rapaglia et al.
Before the sea breeze, sediment resuspension typically occurres during isolated high wave events associated with the passage of wave groups.
The dust resuspension parametrization included in CHIMERE was used to calculate metal resuspension, taking into account the metal-content in soils (Richardson et al.