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  • verb

Synonyms for resurrect

restore to life


  • restore to life
  • bring back to life
  • raise from the dead

Synonyms for resurrect

to rouse from a state of inactivity or quiescence

Synonyms for resurrect

cause to become alive again

restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state

return from the dead

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Then we can analyze the various explanations of why it was Gehazi's fault that he was unable to resurrect the child.
However, worshippers who attended the events told the GDN that many people parted with their cash after Dr Ankomah claimed during personal meetings that he had the power to resurrect the dead.
THE COLONEL'S DREAM resurrects a time when our nation was recovering from one of the bloodiest wars in history and struggling to regain its identity as a unified country.
Computer forensics and forensic accounting tools were deployed to resurrect the accounting systems in place at the time of the dispute and ultimately discovered that the entity had intentionally not complied with its stated revenue recognition policies.
Veteran star Clint Eastwood wants to resurrect his character Harry Callahan and take the action away from the USA.
As Kjell Furberg (who is heading the campaign to resurrect the cinema) says, the Ministry of Culture should take over the building to make it an international cinema centre.
com/salem-season-3-spoilers-terrifying-new-trailer-teases-marys-resurrection-devil-drama-2393337) Season 3 in early November and reveal the fate of Mary Sibley, the witch who sacrificed her life last season in order to resurrect the love of her life, John Alden.
The team used computational reconstruction of ancestral gene sequences, DNA synthesis, protein engineering and X-ray crystallography to resurrect and manipulate the gene for a key hormone receptor as it existed in our earliest vertebrate ancestors more than 400 million years ago.
PAUL ROBINSON has revealed his desire to resurrect his career at Aston Villa.
TRAILING badly in the polls, gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides is trying to resurrect his campaign by taking a tough stand .
In addition, the Anti-Traction League, which wants to wage war on the mobile cities, has helped to resurrect the dead aviatrix Anna Fang and created a murderous cyborg from her corpse--and they want Tom and Hester as well.
Researchers typically resurrect such imprinted pulses by restarting the control laser.
Curated by Nicholas Baume, "Sol LeWitt: Incomplete Open Cubes" will resurrect the artist's vast project, not only with two-dimensional working sketches and drawings, but with the resulting 3-D structures, scattered like gossamer thoughts throughout the museum (Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT, Jan.
We intend to resurrect the cola category with this new high-quality herbal cola beverage.