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Under Hayes' guidance, ReSurge expanded its focus to include adding surgical capacity in those countries, and also training the medical professionals who staff those facilities year-round.
Stuart Kittow, trainer of Resurge "He absolutely loves it around here but caught a lung infection in the spring, so it has taken a bit of time to get him started.
Resurge has won three times over this course and distance and is especially useful when the mud is flying.
gaining time by 2014 to resurge," Dostum said at a news conference in Berlin.
The gelding looked a likely winner with three furlongs to run that day, but hung on the notorious camber and was overhauled by two more experienced rivals - including course specialist Resurge.
Spanish Duke could well fit into that bracket after his beating of Resurge as the official verdict of a length barely does justice to the ease of his win.
She called on all the political parties to join hands and register a strong protest with the US government on the act of madness by the pastor who wanted to get the fanatics resurge and harm the efforts for peace and brotherhood.
At Epsom, Stuart Kittow's course and distance winner RESURGE (2.
Next year, the Democrats will face an election for the less powerful upper house, which they have controlled with two smaller allies since 2007, but if they fail to deliver quickly on their promises the ruling party could resurge.
But his competence during the three years as secretary general under the strong-armed Ichiro Ozawa helped him resurge to the DPJ helm as a self-avowed ''mature Hatoyama,'' who he said has been chastened and has gotten over his past indecisiveness.
During a briefing to the media at the end of its visit to the country held in Khartoum, Samar showed concerns over the increasing tribal fighting and the resurge of attacks by the Ugandan rebels in southern Sudan.
Formerly with Jeremy Noseda, RESURGE made a pleasing start for his new connections at Sandown even though he beat only four home.
With neither response now reinforced (extinction; for example, during the examination, when immediate praise would not be available for engaging in either response), the previously effective strategy may resurge.
Smith told the Business Review that Kindel will try to resurge sales by more aggressively pursuing high-end hotels and markets in Russia and the Middle East.
All the help we gave to North Korea, they probably used it to resurge and create the bomb,'' David Lee, 74, of Reseda said before entering the Greenland Market, a Korean grocery on Sherman Way.