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Based on its potential health hazards, CCA is regulated as a restricted-use pesticide by the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs.
At the new Web site, dealers that sell "restricted-use" pesticides, pesticides requiring special certification to buy or use, can now renew or obtain a new restricted-use pesticide dealer license, upload sales records and edit business information, pay registration fees and receive instant confirmations, change product listings and upload product label information.
These restricted-use pesticides are in a class by themselves because they can be highly toxic to humans and the environment if not used properly," said Pamela Cooper, chief of the Pesticides Program at EPA's western regional office.
The ministries of Agriculture and Commerce have been instructed by Prince Khaled to thoroughly inspect the market, warehouses and insecticide vendors for restricted-use pesticides.
In 1972, California mandated by law the filing of pesticide-use reports (PUR) for commercial applications of restricted-use pesticides (i.
In order to do so we must be efficient in all aspects of the transaction including verifying particularly for restricted-use pesticides that our customers are licensed to buy and use.