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a chemical that is added to a photographic developer in order to retard development and reduce the amount of fog on a film

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She is a designer of livestock handling facilities, and almost half of the cattle in this country are handled in the center track restrainer system she created based on some of her experiences at an Arizona meat plant when she was younger.
Mrs Neish, Ms Reece-Jones's mother-in-law, was taking Max for a walk down a disused lane in Leasowe when the American bulldog broke free from its mouth restrainer and clamped its jaws around the terrier.
So of the contraries reason and energy, recast as reason and "desire" on plate 5, he says: "Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained; and the restrainer or reason usurps its place & governs the unwilling.
large economies with modest trade) could serve as an enabler or as a restrainer for a firm to make these required changes.
Lessons include: PVC C-900 pipe installations; ductile iron pipe installations; coupling installations; service saddle and tapping sleeve installations; restrainer installations; service line pipe, stops and fittings installations; SDR-35 gravity sewer pipe installations; and an electrical conduit installation.
Its secret lies in its understated style and plain tailoring - that and a clever boned waist restrainer (made from 1950s knicker elastic
At 110 days of age, during the active (dark) cycle, animals were placed in a Plexiglas restrainer, and two blood samples (total volume, 500 [micro]L) were obtained from each animal by tail vein venipuncture, using a 23-gauge butterfly, one without added anticoagulant and the other containing EDTA.
Nearly half of all the cattle in North America are handled in a restrainer system that she designed for meat plants, she said.
She virtually threw herself into the buggy, and started helping to do up the restrainer straps.
The prisoner had been marched down a hallway naked, escorted by staff members of the opposite sex, and was then strapped face down to a restrainer board in a spread-eagle position.
1] restrainer and in h group hsp 47 serpines are available which never have restrainer activity, and exactly they act like active pap ones in folding procelagen.
Briefly, conscious rats were placed in a restrainer on a warming pad and allowed to rest inside the cage for 15min before blood pressure measurements were taken.
Many retrofits involve hinge seat extensions, which enlarge the size of the hinges that connect sections of bridge decks, or installation of a restrainer to link superstructures (decks) together and help prevent them from separating during severe ground movement.
We kept the animals in a restrainer during image acquisition to avoid motion artifacts.
Formalin injections were given to each rat while it was confined in a rat restrainer that was located in a designated injection area which was separate from the housing and testing rooms.