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Synonyms for restore

Synonyms for restore

to bring back into existence or use

to cause to come back to life or consciousness

to impart renewed energy and strength to (a person)

to put (someone) in the possession of a prior position or office

to send, put, or carry back to a former location

Synonyms for restore

return to its original or usable and functioning condition

give or bring back

bring back into original existence, use, function, or position

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That brings up the Select a Restore Point screen, which includes a calendar showing the dates (they are in bold type) that are available to revert to (exhibit 3, page 82).
The single best thing we can do to restore populations is to remove barriers.
When it becomes necessary to restore Windows to a prior state, Click: Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore.
But we are providing rehab services to many more residents than before the RESTORE program was implemented, so we haven't reduced our therapy staff.
Then, in 1994, the state of Florida passed the Everglades Forever Act, which primarily deals with water quality issues, and established a planning process to restore the publicly owned lands of the Everglades.
To determine if this allocation causes a deficit balance in excess of the partner's obligation to restore the deficit, the extent of A's unconditional obligation to make a contribution to the partnership must be determined.
0 is a new Restore Manager that guides users through each step of the restore process, whether they need to retrieve a single file or restore all of their data.
In California, 169,000 trees in burned areas of Eldorado National Forest to restore 10 spotted owl protected activity centers and two northern goshawk sites.
Inherent issues with tape--in particular, issues with data streaming (on the backup side) and multiplexing (on the restore side), as well as ongoing issues with drive and media reliability, and the increasing affordability and availability of SATA-based disk backup options, have led many users recently to re-evaluate their existing backup and recovery procedures and implement disk--either as virtual tape, as a disk backup/recovery target, or as a host-based option.
2 -- 3) James Word, president of the Casitas Municipal Water District, above, speaks Thursday at the grand opening of the fish passageway opened on the Ventura River, below, intended to restore endangered trout to areas.
TSE:BKB) (OTC:BKBOF), Qualstar Corporation (Nasdaq:QBAK) and Vixel Corporation (Nasdaq:VIXL) have announced a partnership to deliver a certified Fibre Channel-based backup and restore solution for Windows NT/2000 environments.
Those interested in listening to the conference call live via the Internet may do so by visiting the Investor Relations section of Restore Medical's web site at http://restoremedical.
Typically a user requesting a file restore was told it would be done sometime tomorrow.
Savage, a former geography professor turned restoration ecologist, is helping the San Juan Pueblo restore their watershed forests.