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Synonyms for restlessness

Synonyms for restlessness

Synonyms for restlessness

the quality of being ceaselessly moving or active

Related Words

a lack of patience

a feeling of agitation expressed in continual motion

inability to rest or relax or be still

References in classic literature ?
Thence he retired to his own apartment, to give vent to his concern; but the restlessness of his mind would not suffer him to remain long there; he slipped softly therefore to Allworthy's chamber-door, where he listened a considerable time without hearing any kind of motion within, unless a violent snoring, which at last his fears misrepresented as groans.
Slauerhoff's restlessness and his contempt for The Netherlands are prominent themes throughout his work, from the first volume, Archipel (1923; "Archipelago"), to the last, Een eerlijk zeemansgraf (1936; "An Honorable Sailor's Grave").
Increased energy, activity, restlessness, racing thoughts, and rapid talking
In a study of people taking RISPERDAL CONSTA, the most common side effects were: sleepiness, restlessness, tremors and muscle stiffness, stomach upset, constipation, dry mouth, feeling tired and weight increase.
The incident fomented restlessness among the citizens.
FREQUENT mobile phone use may be associated with teenage stress, restlessness and sleep problems.
As each step dissolves in the wet sand The voices inside my head grow softer And a strange new feeling creeps up on me A restlessness in the pit of my stomach, An inkling of a long-forgotten empire, A knowledge at once deeper than the sea And smaller than a grain of sand.
In place of the inner peace that can change people, we have the perpetual restlessness that destroys.
The intertwining of Clara's restlessness with the story of her grandmother's apprenticeship with herbs and treatments gives insight into a culture and heritage quite different from modern Maryland.
This multisensory stimulation decreases chair exits by easing restlessness, and the gel surface relieves pressure on sensitive arms and elbows.
As the oldsters dive headlong into midlife restlessness, their children, Valentina (Nicoletta Romanoff) and Paolo (Silvio Muccino) face adolescent crises.
More wisdom about restlessness from a modern spiritual writer:
Even though the laboratory maintained a constant temperature and a 12-hour light-dark cycle, the birds showed classic migratory restlessness in spring and fall.
Her body wrapped in yards of white cotton, her head shaved and eyebrows shorn, she faced insects and rats and flying snakes, and learned to meditate for 19 hours at a stretch, sublimating ego, breathing through doubt, hunger and restlessness, making friends with fear and loneliness to ordain as a Buddhist nun.
The watch-like device measures scratching and restlessness while a child is asleep.