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Synonyms for restiveness

Synonyms for restiveness

the anxious feeling you have when you have the jitters

characterized by nervousness and quickness to take fright


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As a 15yo at the time, the author noticed the rising restiveness among some people, particularly her father who was becoming increasingly resentful of the restrictions on their basic human rights and fatalistic about the actions he and his comrades were planning.
So the question arises why, knowing the restiveness of the province, the law enforcement agencies have not been able to provide adequate security, the editorial points out.
Although the references concerned Mamata, Pawar's suo motu expression of anguish signified restiveness with the UPA.
His restiveness manifested itself in even the smallest details.
The government in Sanaa is facing local opposition, a separatist movement in the South, terrorism by al-Qaeda, and renewed Houthi restiveness, all in the poorest Arab country, and the country which I fear may become the first country in the world to be classed as lacking enough water to meet the needs of its people.
That is the restiveness of the mostly Muslim republics of the North Caucasus, including Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan, which for the past two decades have been seeking more autonomy from Moscow.
Its problems have been compounded by graft and restiveness within its 120,000-member ranks.
Ochoa takes command of an ill-equipped military _ one of the region's weakest _ plagued by corruption and restiveness in the ranks.
Might this in turn lead to demands for political democracy, and to restiveness at one-party authoritarianism?
Recent protests in the town of Bauska against the closure of a local hospital may indicate growing restiveness amongst a population which has, up to now, stoically accepted wage and service cutbacks.
Workers through their unions in 2007 spoke unambiguously that nothing short of the reversal of the pump price and VAT to their old levels was to stop the restiveness in the country.
Consumed by profound restiveness, I would be struck by the realisation that I have lost something.
Youth Restiveness in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria: Implications for Agricultural Production and Rural Livelihood by G.
Despite intensifying spirals of violence in the Middle East and the growing restiveness of Congress, we have seen little public leadership in assessing the mythic score and reflecting upon why the war, once undertaken, was so popular in its victory phase.
The fourth day of the festival is, perhaps, a day too far for the audience, which is displaying signs of restiveness.