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the attribute of being restful

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Manually or motor-operated adjustable back and seat cushions, as well as foldable armrests are a standard feature and so is the pleasingly contoured head rest providing travelers with a shielded area for utmost comfort and restfulness.
And, having drunk the ocean, our forehead will be cooled by the snows of the mountain in the landscape into which our drinking has brought us, and from this nameless beverage our heart will receive calm and rest akin to the calm and restfulness of a forest's shadows: we will have drunk our way into this round vase, this sphere or world that accommodates us, and we will be able to verify this accommodation in experience.
Seventy-one percent of the world is experiencing lots of enjoyment, laughter, smiles, restfulness and respect.
That is, Australians had more feelings of peace or restfulness, more pride in getting things done and more enjoyment in their lives compared to people living in other OECD countries; there was also less worry, sadness and boredom compared with people living in other OECD countries (OECD, 2014).
Daily energy comes from good nutrition and restfulness, and that energy must be spent wisely to maximize your accomplishments.
Then it seemed to him as though the agony was diminishing little by little and he felt a strange restfulness engulfing him and taking him up into itself.
Neutral tones create an air of restfulness and calm
You crave the restfulness of predictability but there is nothing predictable about your life at the moment.
Mark Twain, the American author renowned for his novel "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," once said about the Rigi mountains: "this is the charm ingest place we have ever lived in for repose and restfulness.
thinking as the heart's sensing prior to concepts--the restfulness of the heart and the singleness of the thought are intimately joined, as well.
The sense of restfulness suggested by the bowls' gentle shapes is contradicted by the implicit energy that would force such simple forms to generate a second chamber, with the result that the bowls are lovely and slightly malignant at the same time.
No significant No significant 2010 [54] change change Davis & Wright, Improvement on Decreased NM 2007 [55] questionnaire subscale, frequency, intensity restfulness after waking Forbes et al.
What is more important though is the deception of village life that calls for closer inspection: All that restfulness is only on the surface.