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(physics) the mass of a body as measured when the body is at rest relative to an observer, an inherent property of the body

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The rest mass M of the body differs from the mass m of its substance due to the contribution from the field energies and energy of internal motion.
55) "The mass that a particle has when at rest is sometimes called its rest mass.
At the neutrino energies of the order of GeV, taking into account the smallness of the neutrino rest mass (several eV), [delta] [much less than] [upsilon].
In recent years, some of the attempts to unify all of particle physics have proposed a small rest mass for the neutrino.
3 tends [right arrow] 2, the binding energy tends to the value m of the rest mass.
A further question is whether neutrinos have a very small rest mass.
Recently an elementary particle has been discovered at the projects ATLAS [1] and CMS [2] of CERN, being unstable, having vanishing net electric charge and spin, and a rest mass of 125 GeV.
Today, experiments with beta decay are trying to find out whether perhaps Pauli was a little bit wrong, and the neutrino does have a very small rest mass.
Consideration of the evidence fromsupernova 1987A now leads a number of physicists to conclude that neutrinos probably do have a rest mass, in contrast to previous work that interprets the evidence negatively.
Neutrinos from the supernova shouldcome to us at the speed of light so long as they have no rest mass.
But the net elementary charge, e, and the finite electron rest mass, [m.
Another suggestion that could solvethe solar puzzle in a somewhat roundabout way requires neutrinos to have a very small rest mass.
Energy seemed to be disappearing unaccountably, and to save the law of conservation of energy Pauli suggested the existence of a particle that was electrically neutral, had no rest mass and interacted so feebly with other matter that it was almost undetectable.
As stated in a review by Quigg [1] among others, the Higgs boson is a particle of zero electric charge and nonzero rest mass.