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He was extraordinarily receptive and responsive, while his imagination, pitched high, was ever at work establishing relations of likeness and difference.
My thoughts were of you," Chris answered, and felt the responsive pressure of the hand that rested on his arm.
I heard her words with a responsive thrill, it was all so dearly intimate and natural, and I said:
There was a responsive twittering and chirping--a low, oily laugh--a silence of a minute or so, and then I heard the opening of the house door.
Profiting by the circumstance, he raised another low sound, as in the natural effort of breathing, which drew a second responsive cry from the faithful hound.
Howbeit, the father did not fail in any outward show of politeness, but, on the contrary, honoured him with much attention; perhaps cherishing the hope that, although not a man of a sufficiently brilliant and spontaneous turn of mind to repeat his former testimonial unsolicited, it might still be within the compass of his nature to bear the part of a responsive gentleman, in any correspondence that way tending.
Waiting,' returns the Analytical in responsive confidence.
I alight wet and weary; no enthusiastic crowds press forward to greet their champion; the church bells are silent; the very name elicits no responsive feeling in their torpid bosoms.
30, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Responsive Classroom Leadership Conference, which will take place in Austin, Texas on October 5 and 6, will feature a panel of three school leaders who will discuss "Creating a Climate for Learning.
Based on the concept of responsive design (RWD), a Responsive LMS delivers a consistent learning experience across all devices, allowing learners to access the learning materials on-the-go, on the device of their choice.
Apartment owner/ manager WinnCompanies built its individual community sites with a mobile version, and is in the process of converting to a responsive design.
3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Center for Responsive Schools, Inc.
RESPONSIVE Engineering Ltd (Responsive) is about to enter a new era in its successful operation as a highly-experienced provider of sub-contract manufacturing processes for the Oil & Gas, Subsea, Power Generation and Defence industries.
The newest addition to the American Library Associations' outstanding 'Lita Guide' series is "Responsive Web Design for Libraries" by Matthew Reidsma (Web Services Librarian, Grand Valley State university, Allendale, Michigan, and Editor-in-Chief of 'Weave: Journal of Library User Experience) is a 152 page compendium of superbly organized and accessible presented information on the importance of web design; implementing responsive web design on existing sites; invaluable and practical web development and design tips; sound advice for making vendor sites responsive; and a wealth of illustrative screen captures, associated code samples, and links to additional resources.
Though the approach, known as Responsive Classroom, has been used for some 25 years, this is the first comprehensive study of its impact on student achievement.
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