respiratory system

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the system for taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide

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Edward Crown Professor of General and Tumor Immunology at the Institute for Medical Research Israel Canada (IMRIC) of the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine, have revealed that the influenza virus is able to escape from the NK cells activity, allowing it to spread in the respiratory system.
The elephant's respiratory system is quite exceptional as it lacks a pleural cavity and lungs are directly attached to the walls of the chest cavity.
He said sneezing and coughing, as well as a dry nose, sore throat and itchy eyes are all signs of respiratory system diseases.
Our study compares the subjective symptoms of the eyes and respiratory system experienced by people in the urban and desert areas.
Data from the NHS Information Centre showed the number of prescriptions written for six health areas, including the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and central nervous system, rose 6.
Dr Mary Schooling, of the University of Hong Kong, said: "Second-hand smoke may affect the immune system, as well as the respiratory system.
Bredge McCarren, Jennifer A Alison and Robert D Herbert (2006): Vibration and its effect on the respiratory system.
It can be a man or a woman and has anatomically correct organs, body parts and respiratory system.
According to the company, research shows the fruit's assortment of vigorous phytonutrients possess high antioxidant activity supporting a healthy immune system, joint function and flexibility, intestinal health and a healthy seasonal respiratory system.
The author traces the critical geological periods during which life emerged, examining each period's fossil record for clues to the evolution of certain body plans, He explains how dinosaur metabolism, form, and reproduction were uniquely suited for this period in Earth's history, Ward asserts that modern bird flight is a vestige of the dinosaurs' respiratory system becoming adapted to low-oxygen air.
It also may aggravate chronic lung diseases like emphysema and bronchitis, may reduce the immune system's ability to fight off bacterial infections in the respiratory system and may cause permanent lung damage.
The report states that only cells deep within the respiratory system have the surface molecule or receptor that acts like a "lock.
Within hours after the respiratory system is exposed to UFPs, the UFPs may appear in many compartments of the body, including the liver, heart, and nervous system.
When I describe the respiratory system to people I liken it to central heating.
At the same time, it can help with allergies by drying and strengthening the mucous membrane of the respiratory system.
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