respiratory organ

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any organ involved in the process of respiration

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However, it was unclear whether these viruses were restricted to the respiratory organs or caused systemic infection.
Lamellar bodies are a type of surfactants which are usually present in respiratory organs such as animal lungs and air-sac and have the functions of carrying out gas exchange and antibacterial role (Daniels et al.
There are rather old studies that have demonstrated the beneficiary effects of raw garlic as well as garlic extract in the treatment of patients with different inflammatory diseases of the respiratory organs (Margolina, 1948; Vorob'eva, 1957; Bulatov et al.
These results concluded that Henneguyosis infection causes physical damage in gills and accessory respiratory organs, which makes infected fish unmarketable and ineligible for human consumption.
The breathing mechanism of animals ceases to function as a result of intensive pollution and chokes their respiratory organs completely, eventually leading to death.
Although stereological methods have been used for the quantitative evaluation of vertebrate respiratory organs for more than 35 years (Weibel, 1963), their application to gills has remained rudimentary (Hughes, 1972).
All air quality indicators were now at acceptable international standards except for particulate matter, the fine dust particles that irritate the respiratory organs and mainly originate from car exhaust fumes, he said.
Annabel suffered severe burns to her mouth, throat and upper respiratory organs.
Viral DNA was most commonly detected in the respiratory organs, including the trachea, pharynx, and lung, followed by tissues such as the spleen, kidney, and liver.
It is toxic to the central nervous system and an irritant for skin and eyes and respiratory organs.
Biological activity of Echinacea products include immunostimulation, wound healing and treatment of chronic and recurrent infestations of respiratory organs.
Capitalized at 8 million euros, the Munich-based firm specializes in development, manufacture and sales of medical products for organ transplants, cancer, respiratory organs and infectious diseases, the company said.
A winter annual, this plant is an indicator of high organic material levels and may be a deterrent to infection of respiratory organs, the major cause of death loss in stock.
Ltd, since its founding in 1901, has grown and prospered over its nearly hundred year history as a middle-tier pharmaceutical company that has introduced a wide variety of highly evaluated products for the digestive and respiratory organs, including URSO(R) and SURFACTEN(R).