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An outbreak of respiratory illness believed to be caused by EV-D68 is sending hundreds of children to the hospital and impacting children in a number of states including Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio.
More than 300 cases of the respiratory illness have been reported at just one pediatric hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, and 15 percent of those children have needed treatment in intensive care," the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services said in statement.
The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is closely monitoring the increase in respiratory illness found in some hospitals, said IDPH Director Dr.
RSV has long been known to cause serious respiratory illness in infants, but much less is known about the illnesses RSV causes in older adults," said Dr.
In addition, also "maintain a distance of a minimum of three feet from people with respiratory illness," he added.
On diagnosis, he reiterated that the only method to diagnose Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers), a viral respiratory illness, is through a lab test.
James Gauderman, Louis Dubeau, Edward Avol, and Kiros Berhane, with their colleagues at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, have shown that children with a particular genetic makeup are at a substantially greater risk for respiratory illness when exposed to SHS.
Seasonal influenza is primarily an upper respiratory illness that recurs yearly in slightly different forms.
They work all areas of respiratory illness from exercise and physiotherapy to diet, psychology and disease management.
More than one in four of the kids in the study had symptoms of a respiratory illness, most commonly allergic rhinitis nasal irritation and inflammation.
A five-year study of travellers' health before the SARS outbreak showed that at least 22% of travellers return home sick and one in nine of those has a respiratory illness.
Children in particular can suffer from respiratory illness if exposed to smoky conditions for long periods of time.
Officials and judges argued that the injured parties - whether farmers with dead fruit trees or workers suffering from respiratory illness - should adjust their productive techniques, work patterns, and domestic habits to fit industrial conditions.
It has become increasingly evident to us at ElderCare that ceiling panels made from man-made mineral fibers, such as asbestos, are a health hazard, contributing to respiratory illness, as required federal government labels indicate.
Healthcare professionals are advised to remain vigilant for severe unexplained respiratory illness occurring in anyone who has recently travelled in the Middle East, as well as any unexplained cluster of severe respiratory illness or healthcare worker with unexplained severe respiratory illness.
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