respiratory system

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the system for taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide

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Our findings indicate that the respiratory apparatus of Amazonian river dolphins is similar to other groups of aquatic mammals, including other cetaceans.
The MVV attained by any subject depends on the integrity of whole respiratory apparatus, i.
One key step in that differentiation process is mitophagy, the elimination by absorption of the stem cell's respiratory apparatus, mitochondria.
Also by voluntarily prolonging the phase of inspiration and expiration, the respiratory muscles are stretched to their full extent and the respiratory apparatus is able to work to their maximal capacity represented by increased chest wall expansion and lung volumes.
The second reason why the model doesn't work well is that fractional utilization is seldom if ever measured directly as mean VO2 in the exercise divided by VO2max: that measurement would require the athlete to breath into respiratory apparatus throughout the exercise, and it's not something athletes or researchers want to do.
If a cat inadvertently takes such a foreign object into its mouth, is not immediately able to disgorge it and attempts to swallow it, the animal's upper respiratory apparatus can become blocked and its oxygen supply can become seriously diminished or totally impeded.
To help control costs, the faculty salvages discarded materials such as oxygen masks and some respiratory apparatus, which are cleaned and repacked in Ziploc bags.
Every Israeli citizen is provided with a respiratory apparatus, she explained.