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Synonyms for respiration

the act or process of breathing


Synonyms for respiration

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This is because the received signal of radar and respiration are conventionally nonstationary.
n] is mainly dependent on respiration rate because the frequency ranges of respiration and heartbeat are quite different and the heartbeat is relatively stable in the normal situation.
In this subsection, respiration and heartbeat can be separated adaptively by DLAE instead of band-pass filter with high performance.
This parameter is determined by the change of respiration, which can be obtained from DALE.
After DALE, the target row which contains strongest energy of respiration can be obtained with the method of maximum variance proposed in [11].
It is obviously that our new method has better performance in the respiration extraction.
Figure 8 shows the results of respiration and heartbeat monitoring in the first experiment after signal processing of our new method.
Figure 10 shows the results of extracted respiration in three different positions, respectively.
The results relating to temporal changes in RSM can be interpreted as an increase in soil microbial activity and respiration 1 year after thinning, possibly because of the enhanced environment with new products decomposed and mineralised in the soil.
Similar to our results, Zimmermann and Frey (2002) reported that respiration rate increased with the elevated pH, and they emphasised that the reason was possibly associated with the increased mineralisation of total C and N after treatment.
Thus, leaching of decomposed materials can increase microbial activity and respiration in the litter-fall period (Chapin and Matson 2002).
SM], and it can be argued that microbial activity and respiration of the forest floor decreased 1 year later in the thinned areas because of possible changes in the environment after thinning.
These results show that temporal variations occur in soil respiration for different components of the ecosystem.
Akburak S (2013) The effects of thinning on soil respiration and microbial respiration in oak and hornbeam stands.
Butler A, Meir P, Saiz G, Maracahipes L, Marimon BS, Grace J (2011) Annual variation in soil respiration and its component parts in two structurally contrasting woody savannas in Central Brazil.