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Synonyms for respiration

the act or process of breathing


Synonyms for respiration

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Rent of 5 mechanical ventilators for artificial respiration for intensive adult, for 60 days of june 30 to august 28, 2015.
Soil respiration in temperate forests constitutes 70% of the total ecosystem respiration (Vincent et al.
It was known for a while that some bactericidal antibiotics put bacterial respiration into over-drive, which, by producing too many oxygen radicals, becomes toxic to the pathogens.
Pneumothorax is caused by pulmonary perforation (hole in the lungs) due to high-pressure artificial respiration.
Once the trees are dead, respiration by the trees goes away," Moore points out.
Speak Easies has found a way to take the abstract processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration and make them more concrete by actively engaging both the students and teacher in the processes.
As respiration continues, however, the process speeds up, and bananas become unpleasantly sweet and mushy.
Cheyne-Stokes respiration may be caused by disease or malfunctioning of the part of the brain that controls breathing (as it occurs in some cases of stroke, head injury or drug overdose).
Il souffre d'hypertension et de problemes de respiration.
The Ministry of Health used a new artificial respiration device with high performance vibrations which helped the patient breath normally causing no side effects to her vocal cords or respiration canal.
Soil respiration rates vary significantly among major plant biomes, suggesting that the type of vegetation influences on the rate of soil respiration.
Respiration is usually taken as a good indicator of the metabolic rate in fruits, vegetables and flowers.
With this, she and her colleagues have developed a rapid and cost-effective way to estimate carbon decomposition rates by monitoring soil respiration.
During respiration, which is exactly the opposite of photosynthesis, oxygen reacts with stored glucose, and provides the energy needed to fuel the reactions we interpret as "ripening.
Meet Masimo's Rainbow Acoustic Monitoring, the first acoustic respiration rate monitoring technology.