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courteous regard for people's feelings

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Respectfulness of human life and respect for humans are fundamental philosophical and legal tenets and non-negotiable practice guidelines (think for example of the Kantian dictum to treat others always so that their own interests are also served [12], or the South African Bill of Rights [3] and the National Health Act [4]).
Virtues depicting traditional medical practice are care, compassion, discernment, trustworthiness, integrity, conscientiousness, respectfulness, benevolence, truthfulness and justice.
And he does it with an old-school sense of good humor and respectfulness that I hope to learn to emulate.
Students overwhelmingly stated that respectfulness, open-mindedness, and patience were perhaps the most necessary skills for developing cross-cultural awareness.
They will teach the children such virtues as diligence, discipline, generosity, chastity, respectfulness and a cheerful spirit of service.
A proper sense of decorum does not entail "rooting" for Trump's success--an eventuality which, given the president-elect's baleful goals, would constitute a massive defeat for decent values along many dimensions, including attentiveness to the environment, humane treatment of undocumented immigrants, fair assessment of women, and respectfulness to religious freedom and equality.
Words like taking time, respectfulness, humility, compassion and compromise quickly roll off John's tongue.
She praised Bahrain's exemplary tolerance, peaceful co-existence and respecting one another, citing the allocation of the King's academic chair in recognition of His Majesty's reforms, boosting humanitarian values, the right of individuals to worshipping, the wise vision of His Majesty the King for peaceful, friendly, tolerant, respectfulness co-existence amongst all members of the society like one family.
Laura McGuire, CEO of the VineaGroup, says respectfulness is the common trait of every healthy corporate culture she's seen while working with hundreds of clients as a customer engagement expert.
However, they consistently positioned dialogue as a form of two-way communication: This is the justification for defining dialogue as two-way communication uniquely distinguished from other forms by its inclusivity, respectfulness, and mutual responsiveness of participants, leading to mutual understanding.
At my institution, the Carilion Clinic at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, "The Trust Program" encourages truth, respectfulness, understanding, support, and transparency.
Additionally, communication, confidentiality, respectfulness, innovation, team building within interprofessional training activities are key factors in IPCP training.
Facebook forums, whether hosted by the Record or national offices, have not always been examples of respectfulness.
Table 1: Five Illustrative Studies on Caring in Nursing Education Study Themes Miller, Haber, & Bryne (1990) * Holistic concern for the found that caring between teacher student on personal and and student, as reported by academic levels students, occurred within * Nonjudgmental attitude supportive environments where * Respectfulness instructors were sensitive to the * Patience needs of the students.
We are pleased by the organisation's commitment to openness and transparency, respectfulness and collaboration, and believe they are the values needed to underpin a successful working relationship.