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courteous regard for people's feelings

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Thus, are there complimentary words for halal that evokes attributes of cleanliness, healthiness, for respectfulness for what is ingested and injected at stage one?
The deputy head of the Higher Shiite Council, lauded Karami's moderation and respectfulness.
Five disciples including Yan Yuan, Zhong Gong, Sima Niu, Fan Chi, and Zi Zhang ask the meaning of benevolence for 7 times, Confucius either answers it in a general way, like "to return to the observance of the rites through overcoming the self constitutes benevolence" (The Analects: Book 12), "do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire" (The Analects: Book 15), "love your fellow men" (The Analects: Book 12); or in the way of morality ruled by benevolence, like "they are respectfulness, tolerance, trustworthiness in word, quickness and generosity" (The Analects: Book 17); or in a specific way, like "when abroad behave as though you were receiving an important guest.
Finally, Richards encourages respectfulness throughout the organization.
While respectfulness might seem like a subjective vision, at New Beginnings, it is measured objectively through client feedback, written questionnaires and direct observation in daily interactions.
He is one root canal dentist who consistently brings his expertise to the residents and professionals of Kern County with respectfulness and integrity.
Indeed, the respectfulness he demonstrates toward me and other women around him make me wonder how people might experience "Loyal" if he were singing it instead of Chris Brown, even though it's full of misogynist entrapment in the way it boasts about stealing other dudes' girlfriends, then chastises said girlfriends for being disloyal.
Urging that parents teach children to do things around the house, with minimal assistance from house help, he said children otherwise would grow up with a false security, with no sense of independence, adaptability, responsibility or respectfulness.
Those receiving the intervention gave it high marks for ease of use, likability, and respectfulness.
Is it because of women's submissiveness, respectfulness and humbleness or.
People wealth is beyond earnings (income increase), good morality, respectfulness, trusting others, internal and mental comfort and mental fulfillment being achieved after honesty are the best humanity wealth.
Yet, McClay also argues that Catholic social teaching could now serve to heal the unsustainable individualism and hyper-consumerism of the republic, if the corpus could overcome "the enormous paradox that as fullness of the church's social-teaching message has waxed, the respectfulness and attentiveness of its audience has waned" (p.
This approach is occasionally interpreted in ways that do not transfer well to collegiality and respectfulness when dealing with consultants and other members of the care team, including the nursing staff.