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Synonyms for resourcefulness

the ability and the means to meet situations effectively

Synonyms for resourcefulness

the quality of being able to cope with a difficult situation

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the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems

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Itron is pleased to present the second annual Itron Resourcefulness Index with expanded economic research and data.
2009) identified a group of learned resourcefulness skills that uniquely helped the women to mitigate these advances and communicate disinterest such that the likelihood of compliance was reduced.
Job resourcefulness and customer orientation are among the critical personality traits that seem to pay dividends in frontline service jobs (Karatepe, 201la; Yavas, Karatepe, & Babakus, 2011).
The main tools in finding prospects (or suspects to be refined later into prospects) are still imagination and resourcefulness.
Results of more recent studies carried out with adolescents also indicated that high resourcefulness was related to fewer depressive symptoms (Huang, Sousa, Tu, & Hwang, 2005), better engagement in academic self-control behaviors (Kenneth & Keefer, 2006), better ability to deal effectively with academic stress (Akgun & Ciarrochi, 2003), success in weight loss self-control programs (Kenneth & Ackerman, 1995), success in quitting smoking (Kenneth, Morris, & Bangs, 2006), and lower level of alcohol consumption (Carey, Carey, Carnrike, & Meisler, 1990).
Creativity, resourcefulness and cooperation among NYC's leading brokers, as evidenced by this transaction, ensure our city's growth will not be stunted by supply constraints," said Sukenik.
There is no better place than the Farm Progress Show to celebrate farmers' creativity and resourcefulness," says Matt Jungmann, Farm Progress national farm shows manager.
It recognizes the most outstanding entries and excellence in terms of quality, creativity and resourcefulness.
Culinary disaster and resourcefulness blend to create an unexpected fiesta in this fun story.
GMCI's emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness allows us to encourage and support outstanding men and women across a broad spectrum whose creativity and resourcefulness are key to innovation and the vitality and sustainability of our nation.
Highly recommended reading for introducing young people to the bravery and resourcefulness of little feathered friends.
Real-life examples of insurers who employed creativity, resourcefulness and cleverness to develop breakthrough technological and operational solutions.
Modest in scale, yet executed with resourcefulness and sensitivity, Pinos' building is an adroit exercise in the art of making decent, dignified public places and spaces.
The three-ton concrete Bar Rustico Montanoso--complete with a selection of liquors and four bar stools--riffs on a Mexico City trend of re-creating "rustic" folk bars for city dwellers, while Resistol 5000, three giant glue cans suspended over fiberglass pools of poured "glue," nods to the resourcefulness of urban teens bent on getting high.
A panel of two Allegra employees and three community members will award grants based on the nonprofit's "innovation, resourcefulness and focus with which the grant will be used.