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the organic process in which the substance of some differentiated structure that has been produced by the body undergoes lysis and assimilation

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In addition to high biocompatibility and self-hardening, the usefulness of CPC for repairing bone defects arises from its unique in vivo properties: gradual resorption and replacement by new bone formation with no loss in volume.
OPG secreted in the bone matrix serves as a decoy, sequestering OPG-ligand and preventing it from triggering bone resorption.
The teeth did not show any clinical symptoms such as pain, tenderness, mobility, and any type of root resorption in the following months.
In case of necrosis and replacement resorption, root canal treatment RCT should be carried out to slow down the replacement resorption.
MTA can be considered an effective repair material in nonsurgical treatment of this type of root resorption.
Inflammation plays a role in bone resorption, and it is thought that dried plums decrease bone resorption by inhibiting inflammation.
Decision aussi de convoquer une AGE pour la mise en conformite des statuts et la resorption du deficit anterieur et une AGO pour l'approbation des etats financiers 2015.
The change in resorption is likely to have a greater effect on postmenopausal women, Orford said.
taking into account clinical radiological and histopathological manifestations, have presented four types of external resorption: external surface resorption, external inflammatory root resorption, replacement resorption and ankyloses [2].
Researchers concluded calcium administered during pregnancy and the early postpartum period, to women with intakes around adequacy, was associated with reduced bone resorption and, thus, may constitute a practical intervention to prevent transient skeletal loss associated with childbearing.
The figure 6 analysis shows percentages of resorption progressively increases from control toward 20mg/kg/day treated group.
Unlike other current drugs marketed to combat bone loss, KoACT* is the only one that builds new bone while slowing bone resorption--"tilting the ratio between bone formation over bone resorption," the researchers say.
Interventions for the management of external root resorption.
Root resorption and pulp inflammation are physiological events that occur in the lifespan of primary teeth.
In the present work, bone resorption model was developed.