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undergo resorption


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This material was found to be easy to apply and resorbs at a slightly faster rate than that of the root.
For example, not only is the length of gestation dramatically different, but rats and mice will resorb fetuses rather than deliver them prematurely.
In addition, the beetle's life-span was significantly shortened on eggplant, and after 30 days adults began to resorb their ovaries.
An inflammatory response is unleashed following multifetal pregnancy reduction to resorb the reduced products of conception.
Contract notice: Monofil synthtique resorb AIG resist longue.
The gynecologist diagnosed a hematoma and continued conservative treatment while waiting for the hematoma to resorb.
When it impinges, it might resorb or it might merely bounce.
As long as there is no particulate matter, the lungs will resorb this fluid within 30-60 minutes.
We have used genetically defined laboratory colonies to show that the ability of one colony to resorb another is consistent, and that different genotypes can be grouped into a reliable hierarchy.
In Bathyplotes natans, individual tubules produce and resorb oocytes on a nonseasonal basis; the entire tubule is not resorbed (Tyler et al.
Often over time the bone will resorb or grow weaker, just as a muscle not in use will atrophy.
The ACS is a carrier to deliver the rhBMP-2 to the implant site and acts as a scaffold for the formation of new bone, and it will resorb, or disappear, over time.
They do everything perfectly well, except they can't resorb their tails.
The matrix will resorb over time, leaving only the child's own bone," he said.