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Synonyms for resonate

Synonyms for resonate

sound with resonance

be received or understood


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8220;With Resonate Social as our new partner, we believe we can take a lead position in the social media space.
Resonate is a leading provider of Internet Services Management (iSM), a distributed software and services solution that maximizes service levels of e-business applications to ensure optimum user satisfaction.
Its unique approach asks people about the values that drive their decisions allowing Resonate to deliver the right audience in the most optimal locations online.
Over 8,000 students are learning a musical instrument through tuition delivered by Resonate in city schools.
Resonate KT's software makes ECM easy by providing a superior out of the box OpenText ECM user experience and a developer platform for customers to build their own applications.
As the audience applause testifies, Black Speak acts to illuminate and resonate a "truth"-in this case, Oprah's unfiltered perceptions.
The patterns he found indicate that the sac walls of several species resonate, as do the big ears of the bull-frog.
Resonate was founded by Public Affairs veteran John Brady and former White House Political Director Sara Taylor as a way to address the limitations of targeting Web users with only demographics and purchase behavior.
The home of ensemble activity has traditionally been the Saturday Morning Music Centre, but reduced funding, increasing costs and declining numbers have all made it imperative that Resonate look to a new approach - one which will include more young people from across the city.
If the laser's frequency is slightly lower than the one that causes the atom to resonate, then the atom heads to the brightest spots, Timp says.
Resonate singers, based at Notre Dame Catholic College, in Everton, will sing with the star at the ECHO Arena this coming Friday and Tuesday.
Perylene molecules resonate and fluoresce when excited by laser light of a particular wavelength.
This vacuum cavity allows the single crystal silicon beam to resonate in a completely contamination free environment.
While the scientists had known that the lake bed would resonate, they had little idea of what the amplification would be, he adds.