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Synonyms for resonance

an excited state of a stable particle causing a sharp maximum in the probability of absorption of electromagnetic radiation

a vibration of large amplitude produced by a relatively small vibration near the same frequency of vibration as the natural frequency of the resonating system

having the character of a loud deep sound

a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people


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the quality imparted to voiced speech sounds by the action of the resonating chambers of the throat and mouth and nasal cavities

References in classic literature ?
He paused a moment in the corridor, after he had gone a few steps, expecting to hear the resonance of M.
But in the middle of the day, being full of cracks, and the air also being less elastic, it had completely lost its resonance, and probably fishes and muskrats could not then have been stunned by a blow on it.
Every resonance of his house was familiar to Mr Verloc, who was thoroughly domesticated.
In general the house was quiet, dumbly quiet, without resonances of any sort, something like what one would imagine the interior of a convent would be.
Magnetic resonance enables researchers to open a biochemical window to the human body and allows scientists to study entities as small and static as a protein or as large and active as the human brain," explained Dr.
He can't drink much java unless it's treated by his Thousand Oaks company, Magnetic Resonance Diagnostics Corp.
This market analysis gives an overview of the actual situation, trends and future outlook of the magnetic resonance imaging unit market in the world.
To significantly alter the resonance frequency of an array of identical and uniformly distributed SRRs, either the individual dimensions of the SRRs or their spatial periodicity is modified [7-9].
Students from Resonance have contributed 14 medals (7 Gold, 5 Silver & 2 Bronze) in last 5 years in the tally of medals won by Indians in International Olympiads.
At the most basic level resonance is sympathetic vibration, where the effect of the source vibration is magnified by synchronous vibrations.
Contact: Resonance Instruments Ltd, tel: 01993 700442; e-mail: info@resonance-instruments.
He said he has known Weinstock, chief executive officer of Magnetic Resonance Diagnostics Corp.
market for magnetic resonance (MRI), computed tomography (CT) and nuclear medicine was valued at over $5.
India, June 13 -- The sincerity and dedication of Resonance in the two-year classroom training of JNV students for IIT-JEE, has paid off and a total of 15 students out of 44 have got selected in IIT-JEE, 2011 according to result declared on 25th May.
The study was restricted to a single resonance, but demonstrated that the method could in principle yield a competitive bound on the strength of the P-even T-odd interaction among nucleons if extended to an appropriate sample.