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  • adj

Synonyms for resistive

having the capacity to withstand

tending to resist, as an influence or idea

Synonyms for resistive

disposed to or engaged in defiance of established authority

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The first part of the system we designed were the Hydra pinning heads, which provide very strong pinning and are all individually resistively coupled.
Wet Laid non-woven carbon paper and fabric with specific chopped carbon fiber ratios to serve as a heater medium to cure Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) and Molded Concrete Articles or used as a structural element which can be resistively or inductively heated.
For ESD protection, charges are carried to ground and/or resistively dissipated, and can accommodate, or even require, low levels of surface conductivity.
It proposes lightweight and makeshift tactics to resistively navigate institutionalized contexts and, for those of us explicitly engaged in institutionalized forms of cultural production, makes for a poignant reminder of the complexity of our endeavors.
The passive damping of CFRP cantilever beams using resistively shunted, surface-bonded piezoelectric ceramic, PbZr[O.
Twenty-five chapters cover approximation, frequency transformations, sensitivity and selectivity, passive immittances and positive-real functions, passive cascade synthesis, two-port synthesis by ladder development, resistively terminated networks, broadband matching networks, and a broad range of filters.