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a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen

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Typically, resistive screens have two parallel indium tin-oxide (ITO) conducting layers separated by a gap (Figure 1).
The resistive screen hinders usability, which could be a letdown especially when it comes to typing messages and in the absence of a stylus.
The extra layer of plastic and adhesive degrade the optical performance of the four-wire resistive screen.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL) today announced the industry's first solution that combines gesture recognition on resistive screen technology and capacitive touch sensing in a single integrated circuit.
The keyboard is standard what you'd experience on Android and the experience is as good as it gets on a resistive screen display.
The dual touch, resistive screen gives you more precise fingertip input over PC functions in a space-saving form factor with industrial-grade case designs.
2 OS on the Aakash tablet is heavily modified for performance boost on slower processors, the lag and response of the tablet with a resistive screen can result in a frustrating experience.
A stylus is included with the tablet to help use the resistive screen better.
The new resistive line will be targeted at more price-sensitive markets, as well as applications requiring the unique capability of the resistive screen to be activated by any type of pointer, including finger, gloved-hand, or stylus.