resistance thermometer

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thermometer that measures temperature by changes in the resistance of a spiral of platinum wire

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Sakurai, The Platinum Resistance Thermometer Range of the International Temperature Scale of 1990, Metrologia 28, 317-325 (1991).
The calibration points for the platinum resistance thermometers are selected as the approximate fixed point temperature values according to the defined sub-ranges of ITS-90 with additional temperature values between the fixed point temperatures.
These smart HART temperature transmitters offer user friendly sensor calibration and innovative backup redundancy for two Platinum 100 resistance thermometers with 3-wire connections.
Operating in two Platinum 100 resistance thermometers with three-wire connections, ABB Instrumentation's TTH300 head-mounted and TTF300 field-mounted HART temperature transmitters offer sensor calibration and backup redundancy.
Hart Scientific, a division of Fluke, has added the 5608 secondary reference temperature sensor to their line of high-temperature platinum resistance thermometers.
Contact rings are widely used first of all in schemes with resistance thermometers (thermoresistors).
Also, unique platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) deliver fast response, providing accurate and precise measurements of sample temperature, which are critical to absolute purity assessment.
The device is designed to operate at temperatures up to 800K with "unprecedented accuracy," thus "improving NIST's calibrations of the standard platinum resistance thermometers widely used in industry.
This comparison, with NIST as a pilot laboratory, had a very large number of participants--15--and required the use of delicate thermometric fixed-point cells and standard platinum resistance thermometers.
resistance thermometers (RTD) with the bosses and the sleeves - 1 set
When it comes to installing temperature sensors such as thermocouples or resistance thermometers [RTDs] in hazardous areas, many companies are still making mistakes with regard to equipment certification requirements.
The three-model range offers a choice of inputs for platinum resistance thermometers and all popular thermocouple types.
In order to calibrate resistance thermometers, thermocouples or temperature transmitters, it is possible to integrate an electrical measuring instrument into the calibrator as an option.
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