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Synonyms for resiny

having the characteristics of pitch or tar

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That lovely resiny, Christmassy smell makes the festive season complete.
Quick or light toasting seems to result in descriptors such as "pencil," harsh, woody, resiny or green wood.
The rounded tannin structure of Merlot loves the chewy texture of pork, and the resiny cedar and mint quality of this bottle works well with the herbs in the sauce.
The color is bright amber, and the intense nose is slightly piney from resiny hops.
With its aromatic marriage of overripe red berries and resiny hop, and assertive but balanced body--leading with strawberry and other fruity notes and finishing in warming bitterness--this is a strong (7.
This wine is also full flavoured with a resiny finish.
Their old-masterish effects come from their dark, murky, resiny backgrounds--at once deep, still, and swirling, the figures clad in flowing, low-cut jewel-toned dresses amidst rich, glowing colors--to which the tar emulsion overcoat gives an aged look.
Rich and resiny and big and fruity and spicy and alcoholic," said Gregg Glaser, editor of Yankee Brew News.
Pinot often also has layers of warm baking spice, resiny herbs, forest floor, and mushroom notes that link to the rotating ingredients of the day.
The hops are European, but they have a fresh, resiny fruitiness that seems distinctly American.
Lemony and resiny nose, with malt behind it," said Mark Tambascio of My Place beer bar.
Exotic nutmeg spice, resiny herbs, and forest aromas underlie plum fruit edged with mocha.
A malty nose with hints of alcohol and resiny hops, leading into a perfectly balanced flavor, lush with malt and bright with hops.
Herbal, cool-weather Syrahs are wonderful with long-braised beef spiced with cumin and coriander or ancho chiles, or grilled lamb laced with resiny herbs--like the Spiced Lamb Chops with Rosemary Crumbs shown at right (find the recipe at myrecipes.