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impregnate with resin to give a special flavor to

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Lustres are made up of solutions and suspensions of metallic resinates in solutions of polymers and thickening agents to aid application by brush and machine.
This study has demonstrated that the use of oxycodone resinate makes it extremely difficult for potential abusers to efficiently extract oxycodone from commercial drug products using household materials.
The cooperation of our two driven technology teams has produced a product that saves IdeaPaint's customers steps and time - while enhancing IdeaPaint's exacting standards for quality and performance," said Brian Phillips, President and CEO of Resinate Materials Group.
Zinc resinate was produced by adding a threefold molar excess of zinc oxide (technical grade) to highly hydrogenated rosin (CAS no: 65 997-06-0) dissolved in xylene (50 wt% rosin).
Cizer, who took all of the responsibility and workload on the organization and the preparation of the symposium, performed resinate lustre and clay paste lustre works on porcelain and pre-glazed surfaces.
The Resinate platform utilizes a plastics materials database from Ides, Inc.
In all the coatings, the water soluble content came from zinc resinate (produced from rosin (Cas No: 65997-06-0) and commercial grade zinc oxide) and the retarder was acrylate (methyl methacrylate/n-butyl methacry-late/methacrylic acid terpolymer purchased as Dega-lan LP 64/12, from Rohm GMBH).
Alongside, and in harmony with current biobased efforts, Resinate has introduced commercial polyols that are designed to contain high levels of recycled materials.
The immeasurable benefits in providing reliable access to health, education and jobs for a region such as the Tanami will resinate through generations to come, Mr Chandler said.
Erkazit 4902, 4905 and 4908 rosin-based resinate grinding resins for publication gravure inks Comments: This series of rosin resinate provides a new level of performance including block resistance, pigment wetting for specialty pigments and fast solvent release.
Before joining Genesys, Schiebel held executive level sales and marketing positions at Resinate Corp.
Other sponsors included, 3D Connexion, Capvidia, Interpro, Nexus Design, RESINATE and SCITECH Plastics Group.
Melamine--urea-phenol-formaldehyde (MUPF) resin was used to resinate the boards.
He has held a variety of sales and account management positions in high technology companies, including Resinate, Datasweep, American Software, Oracle, CINCOM, and ASK Computer.
IBSystems, a leading provider of Web portals and online virtual trade shows, today announced that Resinate Corporation will again be exhibiting at its next VirtualMCAD trade show beginning March 18, 2003.