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Synonyms for resignation

Synonyms for resignation

the capacity of enduring hardship or inconvenience without complaint

Synonyms for resignation

acceptance of despair


Related Words

the act of giving up (a claim or office or possession etc

a formal document giving notice of your intention to resign

References in classic literature ?
If you wish to soften the pain of my downfall," he said to the lad, "bring me that drawing; I am now taking my resignation to Ernest de la Briere myself, that it may not be altered or distorted while passing through the routine channels.
Tell Monsieur Baudoyer that there must be no delay," he added, in the hearing of all the clerks; "my resignation is already in the minister's hands, and I do not wish to stay here longer than is necessary.
And the proof is that I shall send in my resignation.
The word RESIGNATION engraved upon the cross, so clear to the eyes of those who can read the sacred characters in which it is traced, shone for me with divine brightness.
And yet--for all my resignation, there are moments when my courage fails me.
And as he was a philosopher, and, more than that, as he was a Christian, he began to pray for the soul of his godfather, then for that of the Grand Pensionary, and at last submitted with resignation to all the sufferings which God might ordain for him.
When resignation was hardest, I have humbled my obstinate spirit, and I have given way for my husband's sake.
The CJP inquired from counsel of Imran Khan has written resignation been received.
CJP remarked you had also announced your resignation in media.
A day before another 'Red Monday,' the source said groups would read out manifestos calling for Sereno's resignation at the flag ceremony at the Supreme Court premises in Manila on Monday.
Reaching the parliament himself totake back his resignation from the speaker, Baloch at the occasion said that the matter has now been resolved".
Some of the PTI lawmakers also said that the very issue of their resignation was not even a part of the agenda of the CEC meeting.
Khan, on the very next day, while addressing a press conference in Islamabad, had said that debate over resignation from the parliament was going on within the party but had not taken a final decision.
While addressing the meeting of steering committee, Qadri said they will not demand the resignations anymore but would take them now.
Earlier, Sara said the decision on whether to accept or reject the resignation rested with the office of their father, President Rodrigo Duterte.