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something left after other parts have been taken away

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Reductions in ankle power may serve as a useful means of avoiding localized pressures on the front of the residuum or reducing shear forces should the residuum rotate within the device under the influence of muscle contraction.
For the RE marker set, markers were placed on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe, proximal to the end of the residuum, and a third marker was placed on the dorsal surface of the residuum, proximal to the end of the residuum (Figure 3).
The area of contact of an implant with the bone walls is proportional to the depth of insertion of the shaft into the bone canal; in direct skeletal attachment, the depth of insertion cannot be greater than the length of the residuum.
Key words: amputation, animal model, cell adhesion, osseointegration, porous titanium, prosthetic pylon, rehabilitation, residuum, skin infection, skin ingrowth.
Invitation to tender relates to water of the Arctic Circle and the Arctic Circle Residuum Oy acquired waterworks chemicals.
The sporocyst residuum was a spheroidal or elongate mass of densely packed granules, and the sporozoites contained a conspicuous posterior refractile body.
Residuum volume changes provide a considerable challenge to prosthetic socket fitting both in the acute and established phases of rehabilitation, reviewed extensively by Sanders and Fatone [3].
The Residuum Upgrade Project (RUP), launched in 2011, will boost the conversion capacity of the 11 million tonne per annum (mtpa) Izmit refinery and enable it to process heavier and higher sulphur content crude oils.
This is the lowest average residuum reported in the last fifteen years since the high of 98% in 1999.
Here, the elastomer composition and the tire of the invention are characterized in containing residuum generated in a fermentative treatment of an organic matter in an elastomer component.
The identification of Eimeria species in rabbits has been performed using some biological features such as oocyst size and morphology (curvature, presence or absence of oocyst residuum, conspicuous/ inconspicuous micropyle, sporulation time) (Coudert et al.
8x adjusted for debt related to the residuum upgrade) one-year forward looking EV/EBITDA and 11.
US refineries are therefore turning to imports of residuum from refineries in Russia and Africa to earn a return.
Tupras aims to make products with a low sulfur content such as diesel and gasoline from higher-content products such as fuel-oil through a so-called residuum upgrade project.
This residuum also provides the subject for Baechler's often charming sculptures.