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Synonyms for residuary

entitled to the residue of an estate (after payment of debts and specific gifts)

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relating to or indicating a remainder


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The effect of the will was to disinherit her longtime caregiver and friend, Fair Ellen Roberts, and instead, leave her residuary estate to four charities in equal shares.
A Residuary Legacy ( the remaining value of an estate goes to your chosen cause when all other bequests to family and friends have been made.
A will should state whether the estate tax is to he apportioned among each bequest or paid from the residuary estate.
But they are continuing to urge people to bequeath a residuary amount of cash through their will which can be changed at any time.
It may be said, that (the Constitution) would tend to render the government of the union too powerful and to enable it to absorb in itself those residuary authorities, which it might be judged proper to leave with the states for local purposes.
Having taken the pain and geared up for the future as a public listed company, it is now waiting to find out what plans the residuary MMB has for its future.
She was the ultimate residuary legatee of John of Gaunt's Beaufort family, which had been legitimated by Act of Parliament.
Corporate and personal trust services include: asset protection trusts, q-tip trusts, irrevocable and revocable personal trusts, credit shelter trusts, incentive trusts, marital trusts, residuary trusts, generation skipping transfer trusts, estate settlement trusts, dynasty trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, and private annuity trusts.
Meanwhile, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has extended his good wishes to residuary Andhra Pradesh counterpart N Chandrababu Naidu, and hoped that the state would scale greater heights in the development charts under his leadership.
Atria has further purchased 20 per cent stake of the promoters of Beam Telecom and has inked a deal to buy out their residuary stake in the Hyderabad-based broadband company.
Hyderabad: The issue of the division of state government employees between Telangana and the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh threatened to snowball into a major controversy with both the sides stiffening their stands.
Clearly, there is discontent among the BJP cadres in Telangana and in the TDP ranks in residuary Andhra Pradesh that have to be dealt with before the April 30 and May 7 polls in the two regions if both parties are to make the most of the alliance.
Though Illinois has tried to head off such a challenge by providing in its decanting statute that the settlor of the original trust is the settlor of the new trust, that provision is subject to the same argument that defeated the Michigan Treasury Department in Blue and the New jersey tax director in Residuary Trust A, namely, that classifications do not create a taxing nexus.
1 The company has landed contracts with Bradford-based snack foods firm Seabrook, Moldgreen-based textile firm WT Johnson and the Flamingo Land theme park in North Yorkshire to add to a client list already boasting the likes of retailer Barratts Priceless, lifts and escalator firm Kone Plc and British Rail Residuary.