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Post-void residue was measured by Merlin Ultrasound Model 1101 B-K medicals, which used the following formula to calculate the residual urine volume.
Upon completion of antibiotic therapy, the patient had no residual urine after voiding, no pain during voiding, and was fully continent, suggesting a conclusion that urinary tract infection was the cause of urinary retention.
The compliance data in this study were gathered from patients who presented with azotemia and large residual urine.
The minimum evaluation before primary midurethral sling surgery in women with symptoms of SUI includes the following 6 steps: 1) history, 2) urinalysis, 3) physical examination, 4) demonstration of stress incontinence, 5) assessment of urethral mobility, and 6) measurement of post-void residual urine volume.
Ultrasonography of the urinary tract showed no abnormality, and the residual urine was acceptable.
Side effects, though rare, include pain at the injection site, UTIs, blood in the urine, and an increase in post-void residual urine that may require catheterization.
Initial human studies showed that 80% of patients with BPH who took pollen extracts for four to 12 weeks experienced improvements in subjective symptoms (such as a sense of residual urine in bladder, frequency, hesitancy, straining, or weak urine stream), while up to 66% of patients experienced improvements in objective signs (such as urinary volume and urinary flow rate).
In urodynamics we assessed: in uroflowmetry: time to max flow, flow and voiding time, maximum and average flow rate, voided volume, residual urine (calculated by USG immediately after micturition); in cystometry: detrusor pressure at overactivity (Pdet overact), detrusor pressure at cystometric capacity (PdetCC) and compliance of the bladder wall (Comp); in uroflowmetry.
Measurement of postvoid residual urine volume also becomes important when midurethral sling surgery is being contemplated for uncomplicated SUI.
Similarly the study of Pischedda et al9 and Kumar et al14 also showed a statistically significant improvement in postvoid residual urine volume (p less than 0.
4) These same factors increase risk for postmenopausal women but with the added risk of higher residual urine volumes and changes to vaginal and urethral mucosa.
6) Spinal Cord Injury In the journal Brain Research it was reported that patients with complete and chronic cervical spinal cord injury or SCI- spinal cord damage in the neck area- who received Bone Marrow Stem Cell treatment in the area of injury had either a significant clinical improvement in terms of motor, light touch, pin prick sensory and residual urine volume, or showed changes in AIS grade.
The kidney dimensions, residual urine after urination, bladder structure and bladder wall thickness on ultrasonographic examination were recorded.
Residual urine in bladder and urethral catheterization cause cystitis and infection (Burns, 2001).
All patients underwent history and examination especially digital rectal examination and ultrasound of urinary tract with special emphasis on prostate, its volume and post-voidal residual urine.