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Symptoms of urgency, frequency, incontinence, nocturia, and a postvoid residual urine of less than 60 to 100 mL are suggestive of failure to store.
He reported some difficulty urinating following LA prior to his discharge and once again, as his post-void bladder scan did not reveal significant residual urine and he was comfortable on oral analgesics, he was discharged.
Women with uncomplicated SUI will have urinary leakage from the urethra by provocative stress measures such as the cough test, a normal urinalysis that rules out urinary tract infection, no pelvic organ prolapse beyond the hymen, and a normal postvoid residual urine volume, the guidelines specify, adding that patients who meet these criteria and have not responded to conservative interventions do not need urodynamic testing before proceeding to surgery.
Urinary ultrasonography gives functional information including bladder capacity, bladder wall thickness and post-urination residual urine volume as well as anatomical data.
After an unspecified period of time, all patients had a decrease in postvoid residual urine volume, and in 12 of the 19 patients this parameter became normal.
Patients in the 200-U group had the highest incidence of postvoid residual urine of 200 mL or more.
The reported minimum postvoid residual urine volume requiring catheterization ranges from 100 ml (Chan, 1993; Fowler, 1999; Lewis, 1995) to 200 ml (U.
The mean concentrations of DMA, AsB, and total As in urine of 10 CAPD patients with residual urine production are 2.
But while the patients who had obstructive tissue surgically removed with TURP showed slightly better results on tests for peak urinary flow and post-void residual urine, 41 percent reported retrograde ejaculation, in which a sphincter malfunction causes semen to travel into the bladder.
After HoLEP for the management of BPH, the improvement of voiding parameters, including increased maximal flow rate and decreased residual urine volume, were observed in both groups.
The residual urine samples from routine pregnancy testing were evaluated for chlamydia and gonorrhea with GenProbe's transcription-mediated amplification testing, while testing for T.
Residual urine volume (RUV) was in excess of 60 mL in all cases.
Other efficacy endpoints of the study, such as urine flow, residual urine volume, and quality of life were also met.