residual oil

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oil products that remain after petroleum has been distilled

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Based on the procedure described above, the residual oil rate can be calculated using the following equation:
The Flint Hills and two PetroStar refineries cannot use all of the crude oil, either, but they are allowed by TAPS owners to return their unused residual oil to the pipeline.
On the other hand, Oil Displacement Efficiency was improved, mainly using viscoelasticity of polymer solution to increase the stress acting on the residual oil, make the residual oil produce larger deformation and lead to fracture.
Our next task is to remove the residual oil from inside the depressurised flowline.
In both cases, residual oil is recycled into viable products.
But scientists have since found fault with that assessment--arguing that when residual oil deposits are taken into account--including oil on the surface, tar balls and oil mixed with sand and sediment--as much as half of the 4.
One of the more remarkable and unanticipated findings of recent research is the length of time over which animals were exposed to residual oil.
A spokeswoman for Ireland's Department of Transport said: "The residual oil remaining is expected to develop into tar balls.
To overcome the current crisis, and counter the threat of recession, Hsu is advising the Chinese Government to constitute a national corporation of residual oil to moderate the energy cost, and a national corporation of environmental engineering to carry out public-work programs for full employment.
heavy oil and slurry (ship boilers, heating furnaces, metallurgical furnaces and other industrial furnaces), residual oil (utilized to manufacture petroleum coke, residual lubricating oil and asphalt or as a feedstock for cracking), and naphtha (used to manufacture ethane, propane, benzene, toluene and xylene).
The MCA has warned that residual oil could be released when the ship splits.
A Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokesman said at nearby National Trust-owned Branscombe that a "small amount of residual oil has washed up on the tide line for a stretch of about 200 metres".
Above all motor fuel and residual oil are exported in the US.
If not done correctly, residual oil in the on-board tanks or pipelines can escape when water is drawn in.
The researchers exposed both rat groups to particles collected downstream of the emission controls of a power plant in Birmingham, AL burning low-sulfur residual oil.