residual clay

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the soil that is remaining after the soluble elements have been dissolved

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90-92 GE brightness white water washed kaolinites from residual clay developed in quartz porphyry zones will be ceramic tested and designated Sacajewea 185 Kaolin.
If sand fiddling is practiced, the residual clay balls remaining in the riddle must be discarded - not added to the backup sand
Added information measures thermal efficiency, acid demand value, loss on ignition, rated capacity and residual clay.
The sand is then cooled and pneumatically scrubbed to remove residual clay dust.
Kelly's Hump, Moose Creek Ridge, WBL Ridge, East Moose Creek Ridge, and MC-7 Ridge are residual clay deposits on the property.
Claytech's patent improves upon Ateba's original patent in that it deals with the disposal of the residual clay and sand.