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Synonyms for residency

the act of dwelling in a place

the position of physician who is receiving special training in a hospital (usually after completing an internship)

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So to have residency program capacity for this number of graduates really requires a very significant expansion," Rahn recently told Arkansas Business.
Choosing a residency program is one of the biggest decisions new physicians face in their careers.
Abu Dhabi -- The Ministry of Interior (MoI), has discussed the operational performance indicators, as part of its strategy for the Naturalisation, Residency and Ports Affairs sector.
But a residency allows teachers to spend a full year in a school working with a veteran educator on everything from curriculum development to assessments.
In his remarks at the Visitors Book placed at the Residency, the Prime Minister said that visiting the restored Residency was a matter of privilege and honour for him.
Ziarat residency has been restored to its original form under the directives of PM and chief minister Balochistan at the cost of Rs 15 million.
Erbil Residency Directorate has three main offices, Erbil International Airport Office, Haji Omaran Border Office and Soran Border Office in addition to the four offices inside the Syrian refugee camps around Erbil.
Abu Dhabi: Immigrants with expired residency visas will be fined and prosecuted as of February 4, a statement by the Ministry of Interior said, adding that no further grace periods or exceptions will be made.
The report - commissioned by lawmakers in the last legislative session, and going before the coordinating board for approval tomorrow - found that without an increase in the number of first-year residency positions, at least 63 graduates of Texas medical schools will not be able to enter a Texas residency program in 2014.
It's an important question that teacher residency programs are addressing.
The tour started with a 2-month residency in Makan as part of the Bait Makan residency program concluding in an exhibition entitled AoWhatAAEs a cucumber?
Haaretz Israeli Daily reported, today, that the Israeli Interior Ministry stripped 4,577 East Jerusalemites of their residency rights in 2008; 21 times the average of the previous 40 years.
Obstetric residency programs can be ranked according to the complication rates among patients delivered by the programs' graduates, according to a report in JAMA.
Melbourne, July 22 (ANI): Over 40,000 students who were expected to gain permanent residency in Australia, may now not qualify because of recent policy changes, a demographic researcher has estimated.
73, called the 2007 Bright-Line Residency Test for Ohio personal income tax and school district income tax purposes.