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Synonyms for residency

the act of dwelling in a place

the position of physician who is receiving special training in a hospital (usually after completing an internship)

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Parker said he's working on adding residencies at other hospitals.
We need to increase the number of high quality residency training positions in our teaching hospitals and health systems that are available to graduates of the medical schools in Florida, and that attract the top graduates from across the country to Florida residencies, making it more likely for them to stay in Florida after graduation and join our physician workforce.
Most residencies last a year and are either post-baccalaureate certificates or part of a master's program, but can be included in a bachelor's degree as well, Coffman says.
Residencies have also been granted to citizens from Afghanistan, Angola, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Burundi, Benin, Bahrain, Belarus, Bouvet Island, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Western Sahara, Ghana, Gambia, Georgia, Cambodia, Jordan, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Japan and other countries.
They began their 10-week residencies last February.
The statutory language of the Teacher Residency programs incorporates the seven principles of the Boston Teacher Residency and the AUSL that were identified by the Aspen Institute as being integral to distinguishing these two residencies as trailblazers.
After some negotiation, she agreed to sign back on and teach in the spring semesters for yet another four years if the university agreed in fund 10 Soul Mountain residencies for the next four years.
Dual residencies that pair clinical psychiatry with another discipline "have never been attractive" to students, observed Dr.
The school offers residencies in January, May, and August; each combines group project work with a concentrated class and lecture schedule.
residencies would remain 4 years long but that residents might have the option to spend 1 year within that time pursuing specific educational goals.
medical students to residencies compared with hospitals in cities with fewer AIDS patients.
Increasing the number of residencies available to naturopathic physicians is vital to the community, she added, "thank you ITI.
About one-third of UMHS residents are doing second or third residencies in complex specialties available at few other hospitals.
The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences' College of Medicine in Little Rock ranked third in the nation in the American Psychiatric Association 2004-2005 Resident Census for the number of graduates going into residencies in psychiatry.
The company development session offers four-week residencies to two companies.