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the period of time spent in a particular place

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Our initial attempt at superimposing these transitions was to use the mean of the two average residence times obtained from F(t) versus t and W(t) versus t respectively.
Instead, consider moving the manifold to the stationary platen side of the ejector plate, though you will have to accommodate the longer drops and residence times that this move entails.
At this temperature, thermal degradation reactions would become more important, but shorter residence times limit them.
After the most severe processing conditions (10 extruder passes, equivalent to a total of 10-12 min residence time at 374 F), the greatest storage stability was observed with Sandostab P-EPQ, followed by Irgafos 168 and then Polygard TNPP.
Increasing values for this moment represent a large number of particles in the molten polymer experiencing longer residence times within the extruder as compared to the mean.
From replicated experiments with the screw configuration containing the neutral kneading block, the average relative experimental error in the calculated average residence times and variances were 0.
They say that the short residence times do not result in shorter fibers.
For an RTD study in extrusion, the median residence times would be the times at which 50% of the tracer has exited the extruder and it would be the time at which the cumulative residence time distribution curve reaches 0.
Total applied strain depends on the residence times and the shear rates in the extruder.
And because the disc-like shape of the modules lends itself to short, streamlined flow passages, the dies have residence times up to 75% below those of the company's conventional dies.
The minimum residence times of the L30 and Neutral types are smaller than that of the R30 type kneading block because they cause a backward flow.
In order to fully melt all of the plastic, residence times often need to be long, leading to degraded resin.
It is also known for providing good mixing at moderate temperature with a controlled self-heating and short residence times.
Figure 5 shows the distillate fractions at intervals of 30[degrees]C of the shale oils produced at different residence times.
Using radiocarbon dating, Valier Galy and Timothy Eglinton found that organic carbon resides in the basin for anywhere from 500 to 17,000 years, and that downstream, in the Gangetic floodplain, the longest residence times range from 1,500 to 3,500 years.