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Synonyms for residence

Synonyms for residence

a building or shelter where one lives

Synonyms for residence

any address at which you dwell more than temporarily

the official house or establishment of an important person (as a sovereign or president)

the act of dwelling in a place

References in classic literature ?
Aramis called Bazin, and, after having ordered him to join them at Athos's residence, said "Let us go then," at the same time taking his cloak, sword, and three pistols, opening uselessly two or three drawers to see if he could not find stray coin.
I had not locked the door--I had never been in the habit of locking the door during my residence under Mr.
If you will be pleased to consider your residence here as an unimportant episode in your life, which ends--
The governor general's main residence is the largest of all the official residences.
It unsuccessfully argued that the residence was first sold to the employer, then sold by the employer to the third-party purchaser.
Careful consideration to storage needs has been given with generous on-site storage space available for each residence.
Even a cursory reading of IRC section 121 reveals that when Congress instituted it, the intent was to exclude the vast majority of personal residence gains from tax.
The diocese also maintains a residence for one of its four area bishops in the northern reaches of the city called the York-Scarborough area.
Every moment in our tropical oasis tower--from the private spa environments in each residence, to the sky garden with multiple pools and pavilions, to the 12 rooftop vitality pools for the penthouses and tower suites--has been conceived to revolutionize the way we Live and dream," said Oppenheim, who is also developing the 200-residence, 50-story crystalline tower with Gregg Covin and Clinique La Prairie owner Armin Mattli.
121(c), a reduced maximum exclusion is available if a taxpayer sold or exchanged property owned and used as his principal residence for less than two of the preceding five years or excluded gain on a principal residence within the preceding two years.
To search a residence for evidence of a crime, an officer must have probable cause to believe that the evidence is inside the home.
The 1990 statute carved out an important exception for certain trusts containing a personal residence of the grantor.
One hundred and sixty-one staff persons employed within either a unionized residence (n= 64) or non-unionized residence (n= 97) completed a survey form.
W Hoboken Hotel & Residences, a 26-story building with 225 hotel rooms and 36 condominium residences starting on the 18th floor, is bringing sweeping cityscapes and luxurious hotel amenities to downtown Hoboken.
Under this method, taxpayers can use the contract price for repairs to their residence to determine the decrease in FMV of their personal residence.