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Synonyms for reshuffle

Synonyms for reshuffle

a redistribution of something

shuffling again

shuffle again

reorganize and assign posts to different people

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I bet that if I reshuffle the cabinets in my kitchen, it would have exactly the same effect i.
The reshuffle will add two members to the seven-member board, with auditing head, Christian Sewing, moving to the board as the new chief of Legal and Incident Management.
The veteran Tory is expected to be axed in a reshuffle aimed at promoting more women MPs.
The thinking behind the cabinet reshuffle announced by Cardiff council's Labour leader Heather Joyce appears political.
TUNIS(TAP) - Ahmed Ouerfelli, legal adviser to the President of the Republic said it is difficult to conduct a cabinet reshuffle without resorting to the National Constituent Assembly (NCA).
Now, in order to cover up and divert the attention of the people from its failures, it has taken up cabinet reshuffle.
But the reshuffle could fail to drive up the approval rating for Noda's Cabinet, which has sunk to the level traditionally considered in the "danger zone" for a government's survival, given that the new lineup may only underscore a shortage of leadership talent in the DPJ.
Tunisian analyst Slah Jourchi said the reshuffle would advance Ben Ali's plans for the economy.
The head of the Socialist government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, announced, on 7 April, an important reshuffle that includes the departure of Economy Minister and former European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pedro Solbes.
Clarke said the reshuffle flop was not Blair's first, adding: "We never do have the best reshuffles.
Mr Prescott's job appears to be safe if Mr Blair reshuffles his top team shortly after Thursday's local elections.
Reshuffles are by tradition the responsibility of PMs.
The cabinet reshuffles follow a decision by the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), the country's highest constitutional body, to convene a special session Aug.
Yesterday, Mr Byers was sticking to the usual form of words when Ministers are asked about reshuffles.
In certain individuals, AIDS may be a result of an underlying disease mechanism that somehow reshuffles normal human chromosomes, leading to AIDS-like symptoms and a drop in CD4 T cells.