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OTCQB: WLYW), is the developer of the patent pending reShoot mobile video technology, Emoji Cam and youpop.
They said it was just too close to the bone and advised the studio to reshoot a tamer version of the scene.
FILM-MAKERS were forced to reshoot a scene in the new Bond movie when a Welsh farmer drove into the shot by mistake.
Programme makers have had to digitally tweak scenes and reshoot some action since the disappearance of the city's World Trade Centre towers in the September 11 terror attacks.
Programme makers have subsequently had to digitally tweak scenes and reshoot some action since the disappearance of the World Trade Centre towers.
If your phormium is all brown and wind torn, prune it back to the thick part of the crown and feed with a general purpose fertilizer and it should reshoot.
The studio keeps them just in case we ever need to reshoot.
But now the crew from London's SFC Films has had to return to reshoot scenes in Chipping Campden and Batsford Park because of technical problems the first time round.
In some cases a reshoot or refund can be arranged, but most clients don't consider a monetary refund adequate.
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have reunited to reshoot some of the scenes for "Fifty Shades of Grey.
While playing tribute to Reiner at the 41st Chaplin Award gala, Cn said that after a night of heavy drinking in 1990, Reiner told him that he would have to reshoot his scenes because of "a problem at the lab," the New York Post reported.
She's been called back to reshoot some scenes for the bio-pic of Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick but rumours claims the movie could still be put on ice permanently.
LOS ANGELES -- LOS ANGELES, May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Due to an error in the national telephone voting process, 19 Entertainment will reshoot a portion of a recent "All American Girl" episode originally taped last weekend, it was announced by Conrad Green, co-executive producer of "All American Girl.
The row only came to light when Ms Cooper contacted the television company to request that she be omitted from the programme, forcing a reshoot of scenes.
When Jane Macnaught insisted on a reshoot, the apologetic actor offered to pay the pounds 3,000 cost himself, according to a street insider.