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shape anew or differently

shape again or shape differently

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Nature has provided ways for reshaping objects, like C-Ala, and when that happens, new functions occur.
The aim is to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by reshaping Africas food system to ensure that multiple SDGs are met by 2030.
She describes the meridian system in traditional Chinese medicine; individuals who can benefit from body reshaping treatment due to specific problems; the six body types (based on similar tissue structures and functions) and their characteristics, conditions, and treatment; muscle meridian therapy and skin cutaneous therapy for body reshaping; treatment methods; and specific clinical cautions and applications.
As new technologies are changing the way people live -- with sensors, big data analytics, social media, robots and communication all opening up new business opportunities -- Fujitsu will use the conference to highlight how its concept 'IT reshaping business' can provide businesses with a competitive edge, the statement said.
Parliament has the responsibility to work seriously toward reshaping the government.
Summary: The company said that the cost implications of reshaping and merging islands were.
The DASH allows easy reshaping and reforming during surgery, minimizes the need for excess metal reactors and reduces the risks of retained foreign bodies by the use of an integrated lap/retractor.
The upper part of the one pictured slid along in the bottom of the ditch and acted as a keel, while the blade (one edge at a time) would slant up the side of the ditch cutting off the sod at the upper edges of the ditch and reshaping the ditch.
Rogue economics is reshaping our personal lives - it is the product of the eternal battle between politics and economics, and the price humanity pays for progress.
BLOOD MATTERS explores how genetic information is reshaping the decision-making process--and how these new decisions are reshaping knowledge of self.
The five most popular male cosmetic surgery procedures are nose reshaping, male chest reduction, liposuction, face/neck lift and ear reshaping.
We want to improve the overall competitiveness of our industrial base, and I believe through reshaping the enterprise and acquisition, we will get dividends for a higher level of competitiveness.
Malachi and John the Baptizer are about reshaping the people to make them fit for the covenanted return of God to be among the people again.
Extensive reshaping of the Dublin Bus network is also needed to attract new customers, a new report revealed.
Although characterizing and perfecting the means of application was the focus of the barrel reshaping program, technical details are omitted here in favor of documenting the programmatic and acquisition-centered problems and lessons learned in starting and managing this effort.