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Synonyms for reshape

shape anew or differently

shape again or shape differently

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1) CME Training Sessions featuring hands-on ReShape Procedure demonstrations
ReShape Medical is a development-stage medical device manufacturer headquartered in Southern California.
Regardless of which bariatric surgery procedure you may decide on -- whether it be the ReShape Duo Managed Weight Loss Program, LAP-BAND(c) Adjustable Gastric Band, revisional surgery, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass -- the surgeons of New York Bariatric Group have the technology, talent, and experience to provide you with top quality surgical care.
ReShape is working in partnership with physicians that have the skills and capabilities to help patients achieve their best results," said Richard Thompson, President and CEO, ReShape Medical.
The outlook for the ReShape Procedure has never been more promising, with the recent FDA approval followed by this demonstration of support by our investor partners," said Richard Thompson, President and CEO of ReShape Medical, Inc.
Options like ReShape address a significant gap that exists between diet and exercise, weight loss medications and surgery, offering a minimally invasive, reversible option which we hope will promote long-term healthy habits.
Oxford is pleased to provide capital to ReShape Medical for the commercialization of its product," said Christopher A.
If the city can successfully reshape and revitalize Van Nuys, it can duplicate those successes in other parts of the Valley that need attention and throughout Los Angeles.
The proliferation of PD Builder has accelerated due to three factors: increased complexity of IC design flows; the challenge of managing geographically distributed design teams, and the pressure on management to better utilize engineering resources," said Jim Douglas, President & CEO of ReShape.
6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- (Booth # 721) -- ReShape Medical today announced that data on the clinical experience with the ReShape(TM) Integrated Dual Balloon in Spain is featured in a Top 15 Poster at ObesityWeek 2014, currently taking place in Boston.
Power struggles and attempts to reshape baseball will continue to be among the prices paid for that vacancy.
Emblaze Mobile aims to reshape the market with its innovation for design and usability, and to provide cool, stylish mobile devices with leading user experience in all applications beyond mere voice calls.
These results show that the ReShape Procedure is both effective and well tolerated, and could provide us another option for patients.
This release demonstrates how ReShape's Open Flow technology really works to embody the best practices of tool users," said Jim Douglas, president and CEO of ReShape.